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30 days of weight loss

30 Weight loss tips in 30 days – #22 plant-based protein


Welcome to the NEW Healthista series featuring 30 days of weight loss tips with Nutritionist Rick Hay. Discover why adding Healthista’s vegan protein can help you with your weight loss goals.

A great way of boosting your capacity for weight loss is adding more plant-based proteins to your diet. According to one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association a diet low in carbohydrates and high in plant-based proteins could improve blood cholesterol while promoting weight loss. It’s the reason we created Healthista’s Lean Vegan Diet Protein range which has the added benefit of extra ingredients proven to promote weight loss including match green tea and carnitine to increase fat burning and metabolism, glutamine for muscle recovery, digestive enzymes to ensure you don’t get bloated and konjac root to help keep you full between meals. You can find out more about the ingredients in the protein and the science behind their weight loss benefits here.

TRY: Healthista Lean Vegan Diet Protein Creamy Vanilla

Rick Hay says: ‘One of the easiest, fastest and healthiest ways to lose weight is to increase your intake of plant-based proteins, I formulated this lean energy protein for Healthista with that in mind. You can have it in a smoothie in the morning maybe with bananas, spinach, some dates and almond milk or just in a shaker with a little bit of water. What it will do is set you up for the day. You can even use it as a meal replacement. When we have more plant-based protein we’re going to kick-start metabolism. We also have some good co-factors in here we have glutamine to help with muscle relaxation, glucomannan to help with fullness, it has some carnitine for fat burning, matcha green tea for a metabolism boost. Amongst several others that have all been designed to help you lose weight faster but to lose weight in a healthy way and in a way that won’t leave you feeling hungry. Give it a go, I think you might be surprised at how fast and healthily you lose the extra weight.’

Available for £24.99 for 500g, from the Healthista shop

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Rick Hay is an Anti-Ageing and Fitness Nutritionist with many years clinical experience in nutrition, naturopathy, botanical medicine and iridology. He specializes in obesity treatment and weight management. He writes a regular Natural Health and Fitness Blog for Healthista. Find out more at Follow Rick on Twitter @nutritiomalphys



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