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30 day plank challenge

30 Day plank challenge day 7

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Join us for the 30 day plank challenge day seven with personal trainer and creator of the Healthista Fit Hiit app, Kelly Du Buisson. A five minute video every day of August, the most simple way to keep trim this summer

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Welcome to the Healthista 30 day plank challenge, where for the next month personal trainer Kelly Du Buisson will take you through a five minute workout with three variations of the plank. You can find day one here. Following the new plank workout we will be posting daily with the 30 day smoothie challenge with nutritionist Rick Hay, you will be set for a healthy August.

‘The plank challenge aims to wake up the entire core area including the rectus abdominals, the TVA, internal and external obliques and the gluteus’, says Kelly. ‘The aim is to improve posture and strength which will improve your everyday lifestyle and increase stamina and endurance in sport. If you’ve never done planks before hopefully you’ll burn calories and create some lean muscle. If you’re a plank expert this will help you find new ways to test your body.’ The best thing about the plank is you need no equipment at all and it can be done anywhere.

For the the 30 day plank challenge day seven:

The first move of the day is the walkout plank. Performing a standard plank, keep the feet still, use hands to walk back to the feet until body arches and you are with all weight on your feet, then walkout to a plank and repeat.

The next move is the side plank clam. In a side plank position but with bent legs, open and close the leg that is not touching the floor and then repeat on the other side.

To finish is the hot hands plank. This is a basic plank move with extended arms and just hands no elbows on the floor, taking one hand off and bringing it towards chest height, then returning your hand to the floor and repeating on the other side.

Check back every day on the website or Healthista YouTube channel to get your daily planking workout, alongside hundreds of other workout videos. Tag us in your efforts on InstagramFacebook or Twitter. See you tomorrow!

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30 day plank challenge day two, fithiit app, by healthista.comI created the Healthista Fit HIIT App for people who are short on time but looking for the most effective results from their workouts. With the option to choose how long you exercise and to tailor your workout specifically to your level, there is no equipment required so you can workout wherever you are. You can progress as you improve by choosing the more advanced options so the routines should never get dull and with moves designed to work every angle of the body we not only burn calories, but create lean, strong muscles and protect the body from injury. The best bit? No two workouts are ever the same!

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