11 ways experts beat their OWN tiredness

Do you find yourself feeling drowsy all the time with trouble finding energy? There’s a new epidemic sweeping the UK. It’s not swine flu or the measles, its tiredness – Healthista asked our expert bloggers for tips on how they beat tiredness

A recent survey has revealed that a massive one in five GP visits in the UK are down to tiredness and fatigue, with one in ten being caused by dehydration. It’s hard to believe that such everyday tasks such as resting and drinking enough fluids can often be forgotten about. It’s a scary thought that not getting your eight hours, or forgetting your bottle of water in the morning could actually land you in a doctor’s office. The survey of 300 UK GPs carried out by the Natural Hydration Council found that in over 12 per cent of cases of tiredness, dehydration was the main culprit. Half of the patients was actually surprised that dehydration was the diagnosis, and 35 percent reported feeling better after just drinking more water.

tiredness and dehydration

Drinking enough water boots brain power, burns fat, relieves stress AND keeps skin youthful and plump

11 ways experts beat their OWN tiredness 

We asked our Healthista bloggers for the easy tips and tricks THEY use to beat fatigue

Antonia Cook – The Osteopath


Maca powder It’s the powder of a Peruvian berry full of B vitamins, nutrient dense and a natural mood enhancer. I add a teaspoon  to smoothies.

Dark chocolate I always choose 70 per cent or above, usually Lindt. Dark chocolate is a natural stimulant, full of anti-oxidants,and a mood enhancer.

Ginger tea Instead of coffee make your own ginger tea. It’s just a slice of ginger and hot water and has a real zing to it thanks to ginger’s stimulating properties.

Breathing I do deep breathing exercises to increase my oxygen levels during the day – usually breathing in for a count of four and out for a count of six. This calms the whole system, reducing stress, and getting movement through the upper back, rib cage & diaphragm. It’s like a mini meditation.

rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue to wake up nerves leading directly to your brain

Deyo Famuboni – The GP

Deyo Famuboni headshot, by Healthista.com

Deyo Famuboni is a London GP

A tech curfew I stop using any electronics at 9pm. Over exposure to longer daylight in the forms of laptops, phones and electronics means the natural hormone changes that should take place as night falls are interrupted.

Have no fluids a few hours before bedtime these can fill your bladder which can disturb your sleep.


Jo Davidson – The Life Coach

8 steps to a more positive you: from surviving to thrivingUse the morning To keep my own energy levels high, I always get up at least 90 minutes before I need to and spend that time doing vigorous exercise while listening to motivational speeches, seminars and podcasts, which makes me completely zingy.

Meditate I also take time to meditate and plan my day, which always helps me to focus and feel I’ve been productive and purposeful each day.

Keep a food and energy diary It’s a great way to monitor the effects different foods are having on you. You can then see what foods sustain your energy.

Instead of coffee make your own ginger tea, It’s just a slice of ginger and hot water. It has a zing to it.

Charlotte Watts – The Nutritionist

charlotte_watts_1801.gifVisualise light It has the effect of waking up the brain as it responds in the same way it would to looking at a bright light source. Simply sitting and imagining light seeping into and filling up my head is gentle and effective at helping me feel more alive.

Lie down – a full body rest is the most potent pick-me-up and even a few minutes can let your nervous system drop into a deep rest state. If you can’t do that, rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue to wake up nerves leading directly to your brain.



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