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11 best vibrators for women – tried and tested

12 best vibrators for women - tried and tested MAIN

With solo-play becoming more popular since those dreaded lockdowns, Healthista have tried and tested the best vibrators for women – here are our favourite 11 that blew our minds

Try before you buy is not an option when it comes to sex toys – thank goodness.

So Healthista thought they would do the research for you – which was no hardship trust us.

Vibrators are now rightfully seen as a way for women (and men) to revitalise their sex lives. Maturbation helps people to understand their own bodies and sexual needs better, in addition to improving sexual health too.

Covid-19 has impacted almost all aspects of our lives, with sex being no exception. Indeed, a new survey conducted by leading sex toy shop Peaches and Screams, found that 75 per cent of the 20,000 surveyed buyers said they have been using sex toys more during the pandemic.

Solo-play has also become more popular with 45 per cent revealing they masturbate a few times a week, while 34 per cent revealed they do it on a daily basis.

Some people need a really powerful toy to feel satisfied

You’ll also learn about your own sexuality and stimulation preferences, meaning you’ll be able to communicate what you like more easily with your partner, boosting your chances of being able to climax.

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When looking for a vibrator, clients pay attention to the brand, quality, noise and power. When it comes to vibration, not everyone is going to be the same. Some people need a really powerful toy to feel satisfied, while others will run for the hills at anything stronger than a light rumble.

Tried and tested, Healthista has had a look at as many variations as we can, to bring you the best of the best. Here are 11 of the best vibrators for women – you’re welcome…

#1 LELO Enigma Dual-Action Sonic Massager, £144

Dual massager sex toys are quickly becoming a favorite amongst women for guaranteed intense pleasure.

Massaging both the clitoris and G-Spot is a fantasy come true, as these are the most sensitive areas that can provide mind-blowing orgasms.

The Lelo Enigma is a powerful vibrator that provides dual stimulation to the clitoris and G-Spot using advanced SenSonic technology that allows for sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris and the area around it without even touching it.

Eight vibration patterns and sonic wave tech provides options ranging from light and teasing to hard and intense.

LELO_ENIGMA_ProductShot_BackAngle_DeepRose_425Best for: those who want to treat themselves to the best masturbation session ever

Our tester says: ‘The fist time I tried the LELO Enigma it was all over in six seconds – I was quite literally speechless.

‘When trying again I took my time so I could really get to grips with the technology of this fast acting sex toy.

‘I  noticed that the shape ensures optimal penetration to reach the G-Spot while also pleasuring the clitoris.

‘It’s SenSonic technology stimulated the clitoris and the area around it without touching it – what a game changer.

‘The soft material of the Enigma is silicone which is body-safe, smooth and easy to clean.

‘Although pricey, I think this dual massager vibrator beats every sex toy and vibrator I have ever tried. It takes minimal effort and looks super cool too. Treat yourself, you won’t regret it!’

#2 Hot Octopuss DiGiT, £59

Finger toys are great if you are looking for a more discreet vibrator. This ergonomic little toy has five brain-tingling sensations that will take your orgasm to new levels.

With its large rumbly motor, DiGiT promises to turn any finger into a superhero.

hot octupus vibrator DiGiT 2

Best for: Gently enhancing your hands with subtle vibrations

Our tester said: ‘It fit on my finger perfectly and wasn’t overwhelming in the slightest – the handle part felt very sturdy and the silicone was soft and enticing.

my own hand literally became a vibrator

‘It was very convenient to use, and didn’t take me long to figure out how it works – who has time to read the instructions right?

‘I was able to let the vibrations run through my fingers – my own hand literally became a vibrator!

‘Plus, I really liked the softness of the silicone. Most of the vibrations settings are soft and deep, but if you turn it right up you get a bit more power’.

#3 LELO Sila Clitoral Massager, £127

There is much more to the clitoris than meets the eye – that’s where air suction toys come in to lend a helping hand. 

By very gently forcing a light pressure of air back and forth over the clitoral area, these toys are able to stimulate the clitoris much more effectively. 

SILA’s sonic waves offer a gentle clitoral stimulation that allows you to enjoy the intensities without making direct contact.

Featuring eight sonic wave intensities and a mouth that lightly encompasses the center of your pleasure for progressive satisfaction, SILA gently allows you to explore new ways to reach climax.

lele clitoral massager best sex toys for her

Best for: women who like a slow and teasing build up to a strong orgasm

Our tester said: ‘I was very excited to see what this thing could do. I am not someone who has owned a suction toy before but I have been told how amazing these things can be.

‘The first thing I noticed when holding the toy was that it was soft, sleek and easy to handle.

you’re about to have best, toe-curling, orgasm you’ve ever had

‘I felt like I had discovered parts of my body that I didn’t know could feel arousal. Even when the settings were low, I could feel the suction resonating all the way through me.

‘It first started out like a really good massage and next thing you know you’re about to have best, toe-curling, orgasm you’ve ever had. I’m slightly worried no man will ever live up to this amazing toy.

‘My advice would be to play around with the buttons a bit beforehand – I just went for it and ended up a bit confused as to which setting was which’.

#4 Bathmate Vibe Bullet Vibrator, £19.99

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic vibrator.

Bathmate’s simple yet powerfully satisfying ten speed vibrator is fully waterproof and rechargeable, allowing you to take your pleasure wherever and whenever you like.

Bathmate_Vibe_Both_3_1200xBest for: The gal who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a powerful vibrator

Our tester said:  ‘OK so I can’t believe what I am about to say but I literally came in two seconds… it was absurd.

‘Although slightly on the noisier side (I don’t live alone), this vibrator was simple to use and certainly not too scary looking.

‘Some other vibrators are far more intimidating but this vibrator gets the job done just as well as all the high tech ones out there.

‘The material was soft and OMGEE there were so many settings. I didn’t get to try them all the first time, because like I said this thing works… fast – two seconds kind of fast remember?

‘It left me anticipating what else it had to offer and I was never disappointed. Plus, the fact that it’s rechargeable also makes life so much easier.

‘The best part though is the fact that this vibrator is insanely affordable. I’m genuinely thinking of throwing my other toys away as they will never live up to the Bathmate’.

#5 Womaniser, Liberty by Lily Allen, £89

Co-designed by superstar singer Lily Allen, this special edition of Liberty is the brightest and boldest way to celebrate self-love and masturbation.

Lily and Womanizer have a clear mission: they want to show that masturbation is completely natural and something beautiful. We are all responsible for making ourselves happy and enjoying our sexuality.

With a travel-friendly design this clitoral stimulation vibrator is the perfect masturbation partner to help you hit the the spot whenever and wherever you want.

It is small, handy and comes with a discreet and practical cover.

Womaniser by lily allen best vibrator

Best for: on the go pleasure, and for those who are looking for a pretty and discreet sex toy

Our tester says: ‘The first thing to say about Liberty is that the colours are super cute! I know some people prefer their toys to be more neutral but I love the bright colours.

‘I love the fact that it’s rechargeable, but I haven’t even had to charge it yet after quite a few uses – it seems to have a never ending life!

‘Switching through the intensity levels is easy to do and it keeps you on edge and slowly leads you into an intense orgasm.

it seems to have a never ending life

‘I also travel a lot so the fact that it has a quick click-on case and doesn’t really scream sex toy when you first see it means you can throw it in your suitcase or bag and don’t need to worry about it getting anything on it or being too obvious if seen’.

#6 Hot Octopuss Kurve, £99

G-spot toys give you that extra bit of reach when it comes to exploring your vagina.  If penetration and vibration is your thing, give this Hot Octopuss Kurve G-spot toy a go.

KURVE features dual-motor Treble and Bass technology that offers ultimate orgasm customisation.

A soft gel tip provides a broad surface area and ergonomic contours that ensure the right kind of pressure just where you want it.

On a mission to seek out your G-spot, this vibrator is made from soft-touch silicone that glides against the skin without pulling or tugging, so feels comfortable even on the most delicate of areas.

hot octopus kurve best sex toys for women new

Best for: Teasing your most erogenous zones with a gentle buzz

Our tester says: ‘I have never found my G-spot until now… and OMG, WOW, mystery solved and finessed. I haven’t looked forward to going to bed this much since I was a child at Christmas.

‘Love at first vibration, this vibrator looks amazing and feels it too. It took me a while to get used to the Treble and Bass settings but once you have it figured out, it’s pretty straight forward to understand.

I have never found my G-spot until now… and OMG, WOW

‘The soft silicone and squishy tip makes the overall pressure very comfortable. You can build up through the settings teasing yourself before reaching that toe-curling orgasm.

‘I have told all my friends to make the investment on this one-of-a-kind vibrator’.

#7 We-Vibe Touch X Vibrator, £89

Soft and plush, the We-Vibe Touch X is a multi-tasker vibrator for all your sensual needs.

It delivers seven quiet yet powerful vibrations with eight different intensity levels, that can be used to heat up foreplay, or slipped between partners during sex.

Rechargeable and waterproof, this subtle sex toy is petite and sculpted to stimulate different erogenous zones.

touch-x-by-we-vibe sex toys vibratorBest for: creative women or couples who want to experiment with a range of vibration

Our tester says: ‘This classy-looking vibrator is the perfect design for when I want to play around solo and also amazingly useful for when I use it with my partner.

‘The small size is perfect for taking it anywhere, plus it’s also equipped with a practical travel lock, so you can rest assured it won’t accidentally turn on in your bag.

‘The shape is comfortable to hold and the controls are simple to use and adjust while in the heat of the moment. I honestly have never felt vibrations go that deep before.

‘Extra-soft with body-safe silicone and the fact that it’s waterproof makes this toy worth the price.

‘One of the most genius parts of this vibrator is the magnetic charging port. With no plug hole, it means that lube and other fluids don’t get trapped inside, which has been a nightmare in the past when using other sex toys’.

#8 Ann Summers Slim Rotating Rechargeable Rabbit, now £28

When considering the purchase of a sex toy, most people think about a rabbit vibrator, and with good reason.

A rabbit is essentially a G-spot vibrator with a clitoral vibrator attached to the shaft – the best of both worlds.

They’re called rabbits because the original models had two finger shaped clitoral stimulators that resembled bunny ears – and most still do. 

ann summers rampant rabbit vibrator sex toys purple

Speaking of Rabbit’s, Ann Summers best-selling Rotating Rabbit has received an update. It has ditched the batteries, and now offer their new cordless rechargeable bunny.

Featuring the signature Rampant Rabbit ears that offer seven vibrating patterns for incredible clitoral stimulation, this classic rabbit is made from a jelly-like body-safe material and shaped with a rounded tip to hit the G-spot.

Best for: the woman who likes to experience both G-spot and clitoral stimulation

Our tester said: ‘Although nervous to try at first – I mean it does look rather intimidating – the pretty purple rabbit was overwhelming but for all the right reasons.

‘I don’t think anything will ever match the first orgasm I experienced with this incredible vibrator – mind-blowing.

‘The jelly-like material feels great, almost realistic.  It is slightly squishy but not too squishy, which meant it fit the contours of my body perfectly – it also makes it easy to clean.

‘The vibrations can get quite intense and some settings are a real kicker – so if you like your vibrations intense and strong, this toy is for you.

‘Just a warning for anyone who loves to be in control, you can lose track of the settings, but if you’re in the mood for a whirlwind and don’t mind where it comes from, this won’t an issue’.

#9 So Divine Clitoral Suction Vibrator, £45

Designed with advanced suction and air pulsation technology for targeted clitoral stimulation, the So Divine suction vibrator will tease you into a powerful orgasm like never before.

With 11 different suction settings, this USB rechargeable suction stimulator will gently suck and puff air over your clitoris, creating a bewitching new way to reach that high.

so divine clitoral suction vibrator

Best for: discreet girls who want a not-so-discreet orgasm

Our tester said: ‘I plugged it in, charged up for an hour and WOW, my legs are still shaking.

‘This clitoral suction vibrator looks very discreet and sleek.

‘It can be slightly noisy, so if you live with other people they may know what’s going on behind the door.

‘I definitely reccoend this to any girl who hasn’t used a clitoral suction vibrator before. Put it this way, I used it three times in one afternoon.

‘It’s definitely a change if you are used to the intense vibrations of a normal vibrator, but it’s a welcome change that I can’t wait to use on a regular basis’.

#10 Lovehoney X Love Not War Laska Rabbit Ears Vibrator, £69.99

Offering 11 powerful vibration functions, tease your clitoris with Laska’s quivering ears and you’ll soon be quivering with ecstasy yourself.

lovehoney love not war rabbit ears vibrator

The Laska vibe is made from recycled, skin-friendly aluminium and soft, body-safe silicone.

Developed in response to the ‘green sex’ movement seeking more sustainable pleasure products, this vibrator also comes with a discreet storage bag made from bamboo.

It’s also USB rechargeable, 100 per cent waterproof and includes a travel lock so it doesn’t accidentally switch on in your bag.

Best for: those who appreciate sustainable sex

Our tester said: ‘If you want a vibrator that looks good and feels amazing then this vibrator is for you.

‘Not only is smooth against the skin, it features a range of speeds and patterns that can be used anywhere on the body with ease. The design of the toy is perfect for clitoral and nipple play.

‘Small and easy to change the settings in the moment, the two ‘rabbit’ ears can be manipulated to work with your every move.

‘What ticks all the boxes for me is the fact that this toy is also made sustainably using recycled materials.

‘It is also super quiet. Amazing to use by yourself and a great addition to couple play’.

#11 Satisfyer Mono Flex, £44.95

Yet another sex toy that stimulates both the clitoris and G-Spot with sensual vibrations.

The Satisfyer Mono Flex is a rabbit vibrator made of high-quality, flexible silicone, which adapts smoothly to your contours and transmits intense vibrations.

The vibrations can be controlled intuitively via the control panel or the free Satisfyer Connect App. You can also link the vibrator with your favourite playlist on Spotify – we know right, apparently that is a thing, how amazing.

You can also link the vibrator with your favourite playlist on Spotify

The sophisticated design makes the Satisfyer Mono Flex a real eye-catcher: It’s much too beautiful to hide away in your bedside drawer! Do you like to enjoy your time alone in the shower or bathtub?

If you like to spend your time alone in the shower or bath, the Satisfyer Mono Flex is waterproof and easy to clean.

Plus it’s rechargable, so whenever it runs out of steam, the integrated batteries can be recharged with the included USB charging cable.

Best for: those who are looking for everything they need from a sex toy

Our tester said: ‘I loved the sleek look of this vibrator and the colouring with rose gold handle was beautiful. The smooth material had such depth and density, it was also super easy to maneuver.

‘The settings were varied, and had a good range to choose from. I was amazed how it provided such explosive stimulation for me, my legs were still trembling hours later.

‘It didn’t take me long to go running to the charger for the next round.

‘I haven’t yet connected it to my Spotify playlist but I can imagine it will quite literally blow my mind!’

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