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10 best healthy snacks you’ll forget are good for you

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We’ve tried a plethora of healthy snacks to find you the best – and the tastiest. You won’t believe you’re being healthy

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Bounce Energy Balls

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What are these things?

Bounce Energy Balls are made with nuts, seeds and brown rice to provide you major protein in a small package. Unlike the sugary chocolate bar or lunchtime espresso, these guys keep you energized all day with healthy fats and antioxidant micronutrients. Each flavor combines a different superfood like coconut, cacao or almonds with whey protein so they’re delicious and surprisingly two pounds a piece.

Best for: when your schedule is full and your stomach isn’t

They’re small but don’t let that fool you — these little guys are way more filling that you’d expect. They’re great to grab when you’re running late since you can finish them in a couple bites and they’ll hold you over until lunch. Don’t be led astray by the whey protein either. While it’s tough to hide the admittedly unpleasant flavor of whey, Bounce Balls do the trick. The office favorite, the apple and cinnamon flavor tastes like a little personal pie; the fact that you’re eating whey will be in the very back of your mind.

CO YO Coconut Yogurt

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What is this stuff?

CO YO is yogurt made from 99 per cent pure coconut that’s free of dairy, gluten, lactose, and soya with no added sugars. Since it’s dairy-free, it’s vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. They’re a great source of medium-chain fatty acids, which boost metabolism, improve heart health and support the immune system. You can buy them plain or in a selection of sweet flavors like chocolate, mango or mixed berry.

Best for: when your sweet tooth rears its ugly head

Comparable to Greek yogurt, these are thick, creamy, and filling. The fruit ones are full of real fruit, which makes them naturally very tart. The chocolate flavor is light but sweet, and the natural flavor is almost like a pudding. If you’re trying out the sugar-free lifestyle and want to keep your sweet tooth at bay, look no further.

Nak’d Bars

nakd bars, best healthy snack by

What are these things?

Nak’d bars are made from raw fruits and nuts and are made completely from natural ingredients. They have no added sugars or syrups and are dairy, wheat and gluten free. One of them will serve as one daily serving of fruit.

Best for: when you’re dying for a baked good

These bars are delightfully light and chewy and have really strong flavors that linger for a really long time, which is nice when your taste buds are screaming for something sugary. The new Bakewell Tart flavor tastes just like a muffin but without all of the carb-and-sugar-guilt. So it’s better. The cocoa orange flavour is one of the best non-chocolate chocolate fixes we’ve tried – all sweetened with nothing but natural dates and fruit.

Nairn’s Oat Biscuits

nairns oat biscuits, best healthy snacks by

What are these things?

These oat biscuits have 40 per cent less sugar than the average biscuits, are less than 45 calories per biscuit, and are vegan-friendly. They’re made with wholegrain oats, are high fibre, and are wheat-free. On top of all of that, they have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, no GM ingredients and no hydrogenated fat. Nairn’s come in sweet and savory flavors, and has its own new line of oatcakes and crackers that the savoury-toothed in the office are rather partial to.

Best for: pairing with your favorite tea

These didn’t last very long in our office because they were that good. They’re all crunchy and delicious without the dryness that many other wholegrain products can have. The biscuits are crunchy, delicious, and paired with a cup of tea make the perfect snack for while you’re working. The sweet range would taste nice with your favorite fruit tea, while the savory range and oat crackers (the Herb & Seed oatcakes were amahzing) pair perfectly with a black tea or hot soup.

Jax Coco Coconut Water

jaxcoco coconut water, best healthy snacks by

What is this stuff?

This drink is blended coconut water and light coconut milk. It’s zero-fat, zero-cholestorol, has no gluten and no added sugar or preservatives. Also vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, Jax Coco comes in banana and chocolate flavors along with their original coconut. The flavored drinks contain 40% less sugar than fruit juice, and the original flavor has a whopping 70% less sugar than fruit juice, which makes these a great alternative.

Best for: when you’re feeling dehydrated

Since coconut water is naturally hydrating, Jax Coco drinks are a life-saver to have around if you’re prone to forgetting your water bottles everywhere (guilty). Sipping on  one of these during the day keeps away fatigue, dry eye and other pesky effects of dehydration without the cycle of gulping down water and running off to the bathroom.

The banana is naturally sweet and the flavor distracts from the fact that you’re actually drinking something that’s good for you. They’re great for those that, like many of us, are new to coconut water or have tried it and weren’t a fan (also guilty).

Nutrimum Cereal Bars

nutrimum cereal bars, best healthy snacks by

What are these things?

Nutrimum is a line of snack bars specifically created with pregnant and breastfeeding women in mind. They are designed to provide the right balance of vitamins and minerals to accommodate for the increased nutritional needs new mothers experience. Each bar has the recommended daily intake of folic acid for women during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, Omega-3 DHA, which helps foetal brain and eye development along with vitamin D, iron and iodine to help support both mum and baby.

Best for: snacking while expecting… or not

While none of us in the office are pregnant or breastfeeding, these cereal bars were still a hit. They’re chewy, fruity and tart and are a great way to get nutrients regardless of whether you’re eating for one or two people. They curb hunger and cravings, making eating healthy extremely easy, which I think we can all agree is something expecting mothers deserve — something easy.

Marks & Spencer Crisps

marks and spencer crisps, best healthy snacks by

What are these things?

Marks & Spencer’s new range of crisps serve as one of your five daily servings of fruit and veg and are each around 100 calories per pack. They are a part of the Eat Well range, which means that they meet strict nutrition criteria based on government guideline for calories, fat, saturated fat and added sugars and salt.

Best for: potato crisp lovers

It might be time to trade in your beloved potato crisps for these. Instead of eating salty, starchy potatoes, with these you get sweet dried apples or tangy dried beetroot with vinaigrette seasoning. They’re extremely flavorful and leave you feeling guilt-free come the bottom of the packet.

Clearspring Miso Soup

clearspring miso soup, best healthy snacks by

What is this stuff?

Miso On the Go are little freeze-dried blocks of miso soup available in two flavors — White Miso with Tofu and Red Miso with Sea Veg. They’re vegan, around 40 calories each, wheat and dairy free, and full of protein.

Best for: snacking with winter blues

Miso soup is hot, steamy and filling, which makes it the perfect snack on the days when a jumper and cuppa is just not enough. The Organic Instant Miso Soup On the Go can be made in a mug with your kettle at home or at the office. In fact, it kept me warm when the office heating went out. The white miso flavor tasted just like the sweet and salty soup I’d get at my favorite sushi restaurant, and the tofu in it curbed my hunger from a lack of breakfast. In fact, having a miso soup in the afternoon is great for keeping hunger pangs away until real food is in sight.


proper corn bags, best healthy snacks by

What is this stuff?

Propercorn comes in five different flavors including the award-winning Sweet & Salty, and Sweet Coconut & Vanilla, and each of them are under 130 calories a bag. Each flavor is vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free and made with natural ingredients.

Best for: guilt-free movie nights

You know that feeling of shame you get when you’ve hit the bottom of your large-sized popcorn before the previews are even over? You know that other feeling when you open a one-serving-size package of popcorn and are so disappointed in how little there is that it’s not even worth eating? You can stop feeling those now. Each bag of Propercorn has enough popcorn in it to satisfy you and when you’ve hit the bottom you won’t feel absolutely disgusted with the amount of butter you just ate.

There’s also a flavor for everyone — sweet fans will enjoy Sweet Coconut and Vanilla, savory fans will love Fiery Worcester and Sun Dried Tomato, and everyone at your next movie night will appreciate the fluffy Lightly Sea Salted flavor.


plenish juice, best healthy snacks by

What is this stuff?

Plenish are a line of juices made for cleaning with the aim to boost the immune system and prevent illness and ailments. Each juice is packed with fruits and vegetables to bring you vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants your body needs. The line includes seven flavors like Spicy Lemonade and Cherry Beets, each of which label their main ingredients on the front of the packaging so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Best for: fruit and veg on-the-go

Every single one of these flavors are packed full of veggies, and you wouldn’t know it if it weren’t right there on the label. Upon reading the label of the Sweet Sexy Green juice, I wasn’t too excited to try it, but I took one sip and then proceeded to drink all of it (sorry coworkers). These juices are obviously crafted so that the flavors of the fruits and spices mask the flavors of the vegetables, so even though you are getting a huge serving of vegetables, it sure doesn’t taste like you are. For something more substantial than veggie juice, the  Cacao Cashew Maca Milk and Cashew Milk flavours are a creamy and totally dairy-free choice that are also seriously filling.


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