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Layage – The hot new celeb hair trend for summer 2016, Healthista’s Vicky Hadley tried it

Layage is the new hair trend for 2016 loved by celebs including Rhianna and VS model Lily Aldridge. It’s basically a more subtle version of balayage (lighter ends) that is set to be hot this summer

So what is layage?

Layage is a new and unique way to highlight hair for 2016. Similar to balayage a French word that means ‘to paint’ it is otherwise known as ‘fluid hair painting’ as it involves the hairdresser painting by hand lighter colour onto the hair which is spread out onto a flat table top. The layage technique looks like a subtle version of balayage (also known as ombre hair), giving your natural hair colour an instant sunkissed highlighted look starting just below the roots. As the hair is spread flat on a table the hairdresser has full control over how much and where the dye is applied so great results are maximised.


Who’s getting it?

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lily Aldridge, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid are amongst others who are already rocking the layage look and it is a definite winner for summer.

Lilly Aldridge looked incredible with her brunette hair with blonde ends after under-going layage.

kim kardashian on snapchat layage hair by healthista

Kim Kardashian rocked layage on her snapchat a few weeks ago.

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Healthista’s opinion…

Heading into The House of Charles Worthington salon in Covent Garden I was greeted by creative manager and colour expert Katie Allan who consulted me about what I was looking for. As my hair is naturally very flat and long she assured me it would give my hair a voluminous look and would even look fuller and more alive when left natural. I hoped to achieve a similar look to Kim Kardashian’s layage taking the roots of my hair slightly darker whilst lightening the lengths.

Currently a medium to dark brown hair shade all over she dyed my hair two levels darker at the roots of my hair leaving the rest of my hair at its natural mousy brown colour. The dark dye was left to set for 20 minutes before being rinsed off and washed. Moving onto the layage treatment, I was seated facing away from a table as my hair was spread out over it. Katie painted the lengths of my hair by hand starting with the underneath levels and adding strands as she moved to the top levels. This is not the most comfortable position as you can’t move your neck too much whilst the hair is painted to ensure that the dye is applied evenly.

After all of my hair was painted I was allowed to move my head forwards and let me hair fall down loosely again. The dye was left on for around 40 minutes as the colour lifted. Katie told me that the natural golden blonde tones within my hair had been picked up by the dye easily and that I would have a light, natural and very good result.

My hair was washed again and toner was applied for ten minutes to help blend the darker roots with the lighter strands naturally before being rinsed off for the final time and blowdried. The mid lengths of hair had turned a gorgeous golden colour which blended extremely well with the darker roots. Katie told me that I would probably need to touch up the dark roots in about six weeks time however the lighter layers of my hair should last longer without much needed maintenance.

I’m in love with my Kim Kardashian style hair treatment and find even without styling my hair it looks alive and bouncy. The next day everyone was commenting on how amazing my hair looked, even without styling it, it seemed to fall beautifully and look as though I had naturally voluminous hair. The dark hair started to fade after five to six weeks as my hair grows very quickly but I will definitely be returning dark and doing layage again.

Layage costs £130 per hour and a consultation is needed before treatment to ensure that your colourist knows exactly what you’re after. Make a booking here. To top up your roots it costs £55.

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