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TESTED Ex-Emmerdale actress Roxy Shahidi’s new yoga DVD

For Day 7 of Healthista’s get-fit-in-your-living room DVD challenge, editor Anna Magee tried Roxy’s Yoga Conditioning the new yoga DVD workout from former Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi

After six days straight of squatting, jumping and pumping I welcomed the chance to stretch  and/or lie about doing some yoga with the new DVD from Roxy Shahidi, who has left the pastures of soap-world to become something of a yoga guru. She released Roxy’s Bite Size Yoga in 2012, a series of 15-minute yoga workouts.

Roxy’s latest DVD features three 40-minute yoga sessions, one that works the lower body, one for the full body and one that focuses on the core.

I tried full body. It started off well with a relaxing warm up that was done laying down to warm up the joints. It progressed into a typical flow yoga class with a few sun salutations at the start and then standing postures such as warriors one and two, planks, cobras, downward dogs, triangles, twists and finished off with a few floor postures such as squats and forward bends.

Roxy does all the moves and gives directions in voiceover. This is fine if you’re an intermediate yogi who simply wants to be talked through the postures during the course of 40 minutes. But if you want to be taught or guided through how to do any of the postures, be given any modifications for beginners, instructions on where to place your hands or feet or where you should and shouldn’t be feeling it for maximum safety and effectiveness, this isn’t the DVD for you.

For example, postures such as plough, where you have to get your legs up over your head (something not everyone can do), there are no options for people who might not be able to flip into it just like that. Likewise some of the sun salutations move too quickly between upward and downward dogs, planks and forward bends and there’s no doubt a beginner would get lost fast.

Roxy’s Yoga Conditioning Total Body Workout £10.64 from Amazon



roxy yoga cover

PROS: The DVD looks lovely, the set and camera work are gorgeous as is Roxy herself (she even has her hair in a bouffant that looks like she is going to a wedding). It might suit an intermediate yogi but I think they’d quickly get bored.

CONS: No modifications for different levels in this DVD make it little more than a game of Simon Says. There’s not enough instruction or attention to detail about how to get into postures or anything about how to hold them for maximum safety and effectiveness.

Healthista rating: 1/5



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