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Yasmin Le Bon’s tips for looking good in swimwear

OMG, she is 49!  Supermodel Yasmin Le Bon is the face of the new Speedo Sculpture collection. And we don’t know how much of her is natural and how much isn’t but blimey, she is looking good. Here she models the pieces and reveals her swimwear confidence tricks to the rest of us lesser beings

The new Sculpture collection is dedicated to functional swimwear with stylish details that makes your body look great, pieces from which she models here. It features all-over body shaping, tummy control and bust support with fresh new styles to help create an hourglass silhouette without losing functionality (for people who like to actually swim). Each style is quality-tested in the pool for up to forty hours and includes useful features such as adjustable, non-slip straps and chlorine-resistant Xtra Life LYCRA, which lasts up to ten times longer than conventional fabrics.

Here are some quick tips from Yasmin for swimwear confidence in your holiday snaps:

1 – Sitting down – The Twist and Point

Simplyglow in Black £55

‘Twisting the upper body around at the waist is a great way to make it appear smaller and instantly helps you to lose inches. While sitting down, putting one leg stretched out in front of the other with toes pointed helps to elongate the leg.’

2 – Lying down – The Knee Lift

yasmin 2
Spashine in deep (Healthista) pink £40

‘When lying on your back, bringing your knees up to the thighs  willavoid the effect of them feeling flattened against the poolside or lounger and gives a three dimensional and flattering shape. Arching the back slightly can also help if you’re self conscious about your stomach or bottom.’

3 – Walking – A Proud Posture

Crystalsun in coral £60

‘When walking or standing adopting a strong posture is the key to radiating confidence. If you imagine you are trying to hold something between your shoulder blades it will push your shoulders down and backwards slightly to give a naturally proud posture.’

4 – Posing – Head Held High

yasmin 4
Simplyglow in black £55

‘If you’re posing for photos and not feeling the most confident, it can be tempting to look down and try to hide. Lifting up the head away from the chest is the best way to achieve a long elegant neck and avoid creating a double chin.’

5 – The Exit – Pause and Prepare

yasmin 5
Spashine in black £40

Before getting out of the pool it’s a good idea to pause and prepare for your exit. You can sweep your hair to one side if you need to, check your swimsuit is in place and ensure you’re feeling confident.

6 – Day to Evening  – Add accessories

yasmin 6
Simplyglow in black £55

If you want to head straight from the pool to the bar, heeled or wedged sandals can add an instant bit of glamour without making you feel overdressed. Throwing on a kimono, kaftan, sarong or pair of shorts will help to dress any areas you’re worried about. Large accessories like a hat or a beach bag are a good addition to focus the eye away from the body if you’re feeling self-conscious.


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