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REVIEWED: pole dancing for fitness

Pole dancing first broke onto the exercise scene a few years ago and now it’s back on our radars, this time focusing on building serious upper body and core strength, co-ordination and flexibility along of course, with learning some sexy moves and a few laughs 

The Ecole de Pole in Camden, north London is one of the places in London offering pole dancing taster classes and courses for all levels, from complete novices to artistic experts. According to X-POLE, which provides pole and aerial fitness equipment for homes and stages, since 2012 there’s been over 71 percent increase in the number of schools, studios and providers of pole fitness in the UK and Europe. Major gym such as GymBox in London and David Lloyds are also offering pole fitness classes now too.

xpole pole dancing aerial fitness review london

If you’re a beginner don’t be scared off by images of women horizontally hanging off the pole, spinning upside down or doing the splits – you won’t be expected to attempt such feats. The taster lessons are a gentle introduction to some basic moves, like how to spin around the pole without looking like a drunk girl in a club, and where to position arms to accomplish basic spins and lifts.

since 2012 there’s been over 71 percent increase in the number of schools, studios and providers of pole fitness in the UK and Europe

With a small group, the instructor will go through a simple routine, breaking it down and practising each part individually. All the moves have names so expect to try things like the Betty Boop, the swan, or the fireman. By the end of the session you’ll have your first pole dancing sequence – not necessarily to wow crowds, but a sequence nevertheless.

The experienced stuff on the pole and in aerial fitness is acrobatic and gymnastic and that’s where the serious skill comes in, turning it into a cardio workout as well as one for muscle tone. By being aware and engaging every part of the body, there’s some fantastic body benefits to be gained – not to mention the feel the good factor.

If you fancy something fun and totally different to your usual gym class then we definitely recommend this.

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