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Vicky Pattison: life behind the weight loss

Vicky Pattison, 26, is well known for being a reality TV star in Geordie Shore and for dropping a staggering FIVE dress sizes.   In an interview with Healthista, she reveals how the weight loss has changed her plus her best tricks and tips for staying healthy

Q: Was there a moment which made you realise that you needed to lose weight?

I think it was a combination of things. I obviously broke up with my boyfriend (Ricci) and you know when you’re in a long-term relationship you do sort of let yourself go a bit. That is a real risk that a lot of people run, wild nights out with the girls when you’re squeezing into your party dresses and dancing loads get replaced with nights in on the sofa eating Dominos.

Going out for meals is your night out when you’re in a relationship, and I think I allowed my weight to creep up. Then I broke up with Ricci and I was faced with the prospect of being single, quite overweight, quite unhealthy and obviously miserable. So, I decided to take myself on holiday with my sister to cheer myself up. I got papped when I was on the beach in my bikini eating a Solero – they’re a total holiday treat aren’t they? I had Solero all over my face, I remember coming back and seeing the pictures and thinking ‘right I need to do something’.

It was more for me and my confidence. I wanted to go out and get myself out there again and to be having fun, meeting new people and wearing my sexy clothes again rather than just lying around feeling sorry for myself. I realised that I had to do something and do it quickly, because I was unhealthy.

Before and after Vicky's amazing transition
Before and after Vicky’s amazing transition

Q: Can you describe what a typical day’s eating was like for you before you lost weight?

Before I lost weight my diet was atrocious. I was living predominantly on convenience food, things you eat when you’re in a hurry and you grab that are full of additives, preservatives and everything that is wrong for you. Pre-packed sandwiches, bags of crisps, a lot of heavy carb based foods like white bread and pasta. And of course, to top it all off a lot of alcohol too.

I would probably say a lot of the time I would skip breakfast, and if I didn’t then I’d have a bacon sandwich with lashes of ketchup or really sugary cereal. For lunch I’d have a pre-packed sandwich with a chocolate bar or crisps and a fizzy drink, just something I’d grab when I was on the train.

Then in the evening me and Ricci would go out for a meal and have a pizza or pasta, and I’ve got a real sweet tooth so I’d always get a desert. Something chocolatey or gooey, so gorgeous but terrible for you. Along with this we’d probably have a couple bottles of wine too.

I knew what I was eating was wrong but I didn’t have the drive to do anything about it.

Q: What does your typical day now consist of now?

With my diet it does depend as I am very busy with my job at the moment as it’s unpredictable. If I was in a 9 to 5 job I would be organised preparing food the night before, and eating the perfect amount of greens and complex carbs and all of that. But for loads of women out there life isn’t that easy and straight forward as we are all busy a lot of the time, so just try and make sensible choices and decisions.

In the morning I try and eat a sensible breakfast as soon as I get up or straight after I train if I’m training early. Something like porridge with blueberries or raspberries or fresh figs on the top. I’m obsessed with my porridge, it’s so lovely trying out different toppings. If I don’t have porridge I have eggs: scrambled eggs on a bit of brown toast, love it. Or poached eggs with spinach. I love things like that. I also drink a lot of green tea and about 2-3 litres of water every day.

For lunch I normally have a salad, either a big chicken salad or a wrap if I’m on the go full of a nice bit of tuna or falafel or something like that.

Vicky in February 2014
Vicky in February 2014

For tea I try and have a big portion of protein like tuna steak, a filet steak, chicken breast or salmon or prawns. I either make a cheeky student stir fry if I’m eating at home, as my culinary skills are limited or I have steak and veg. I try and have as much green veg as possible, or maybe some sweet potato or something.

If I’m hungry during the day I snack on nuts and berries. I like almonds and blueberries and raspberries. Almonds are a personal favourite of mine. After I train I usually have a protein shake if I cant get a meal straight away. I always make sure I keep healthy low calorie protein bars in my bag in case I get hungry and the only other option is a bag of crisps. Nutrition do a good protein bar at only 160 calories.

I do try and aim to train every day and that’s only because I don’t train for long. I do high intensity interval training, anything from 10 minutes to half an hour. If I am to train every day it usually means I train about four to five times a week (laughs).

Q: Do you have a favourite way of working out?

I do a real mixture, I do try and train every morning to the workouts that are on my DVD. They’re full body and you don’t need anything to do them, no weights or anything like that, just your own body weight. I get up every morning and there’s no drama, it’s just so easy. There’s no worry in the back of your mind saying ‘urgh I’ve got to go to the gym’. I still go to the gym sometimes and I also really like a bit of swimming too. I also occasionally go to spinning classes, but only if I’m feeling brave.

Q: What’s the best nutritional advice you’ve ever been given? 

I think the best nutrition advice I’ve ever had was from a guy called David Souter, who is one of the guys who helped me work out the choreography for my DVD. He really knows his stuff. He told me that in order to stick to a healthy balanced lifestyle you have to have everything in moderation; life is for living and you’ve got to find something that works for you. So if that is low carbs and high protein then fair enough. Or if you enjoy a drink, don’t cut it out of your diet entirely because then you become unhappy and your body will crave it, then you’ll miss it and end up binging which is the worst possible thing.

Make sensible decisions and still live your life, don’t not have a social life or you’ll end up like a crazy little hermit who is scared of somebody else cooking you food. I proper believe that you should enjoy yourself, and if that means one night you slip up and you have a crème brûlée or a large glass of wine or a Baileys or whatever it is that you want, enjoy yourself because that is what you are working so hard for. I lost weight so I could go out and have fun and feel good about myself. I didn’t do it so I could sit in the house and love myself and think to myself ‘oh don’t you look good in your gym wear.’ I think you should be able to enjoy yourself, live your life and still be able to give yourself treats; don’t set yourself unrealistic goals.

Vicky and the Geordie Shore girls back in November 2012
Vicky and the Geordie Shore girls back in November 2012

Q: How do you treat yourself?

For me when I do treat myself it is normally a large glass of wine, I love a good glass of wine. If we are talking food, I’ve got such a sweet tooth, it’d be a chocolate fudge cake or a cheese cake and a nice bit of vanilla ice cream on the side and maybe some whipped cream. I think I’m going a bit far now…

Q: Has your weight loss had any negative side effects?

The main thing are my tiny little titties, which are quite sad really. I’ve always had quite an ample bust, but boobs are basically bags of fat aren’t they? So when I lost weight they were the first thing to go, Sod’s law isn’t it? And they haven’t returned at all. RIP Vicky’s boobs. They’ve gone mate, I’m just looking at them now and they are just so sad and saggy.

My cleavage disappearance just means that I’ve had to explore different avenues, I’ve moved into the world of backless dresses and tops which has been good. I’ve had to stay away from gorgeous things that show off your cleavage because I just haven’t got one now, it’s a bit of a punch in the face.

Q: Have you had any negative responses about your weight loss from anyone?

Everyone in my family were really supportive and proud and so were my friends. Because I didn’t lose weight in an unsafe and unhealthy way it was a gradual change of eating healthily and training hard. So, rather than getting skinny or looking sort of ill I am very strong looking,  I’m quite toned so there was never anything bad said to me from people who know me.

But of course there was people telling me on Twitter that they think that I’ve gone too far and saying things like ‘you’ve got a giant lollypop head,’ along with them asking me where my tits had gone. I wish I knew, I wish I knew. You’re never going to please everybody all of the time. Y’know all of those people that said I had a lollypop head and telling me that my boobs look like paracetamols on an ironing board, they were probably the same people who were saying I was fat.

So, these angry and unhappy trolls can just get f*****d if I’m honest. They obviously just haven’t got anything better to do and just want to put their insecurities onto me don’t they?

Q: As a party girl you must have moments when you’re too tired and can’t be bothered to go out, do you have any tricks to wake yourself to prepare yourself for a night out?

Yeah, there are a lot of times when I think ‘I cant do this anymore I’m absolutely shattered.’ But I keep myself well hydrated, a high amount of headaches and tiredness people get is just from dehydration. Make sure you’ve constantly got a big bottle of water next to you to sip and that’ll make you feel better. As well as water, something like green tea will give you a little hit of caffeine without it being coffee which is bad for you.

Also eat little and often and avoid massive carb heavy meals. People have three meals a day which just makes you tired and lethargic. If you have five smaller meals and stay away from carb heavy things and lean towards the more protein side of things you’ll find you’re not as tired. From this you’re constantly giving yourself enough energy, then you won’t be as tired and then you can go out all of the time.


Q: What’s your favourite low calorie drink on a night out?

I swapped calorific drinks like vodka red bulls and big buckets of wine to gin and slimline tonic, or vodka lime and soda. Avoid lime cordial at all costs though as it’s just pure sugar, stick to fresh lime. In terms of shots we used to drink so many jäger bombs each night, but now I’ve moved from them to tequila, which I think is only about 60 calories per shot compared to jäger bombs which are about 300. It’s ridiculous; there are so many hidden calories in alcohol.

Q: Do you have a hangover cure?

Well, what makes you bad makes you better. A good Bloody Mary first thing will sort you right out. But if you are looking for a healthy option I think training first thing, I know it’s hard and it’s horrible dragging yourself out of bed and going to the gym, or doing your fitness DVD or whatever it is. You’ll get rid of all the toxins and everything else, then come home shower and have a big pint of water, two ibuprofen and you’re laughing. You’re set for the day.

Q: Do you actually feel slim? Or do you still see the little fat girl inside of you?

It’s hard, once you’ve been bigger I don’t think you ever look in the mirror and think ‘wow I’m a good looking person.’ I think as women we always strive for perfection and pick faults in ourselves, I’ve always got my hang-ups; whether it’s my thighs or my love handles. I’m no different, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved but if I do have a couple of days where I fall of the wagon slightly I know that I must get back to it and start training again.

My weight loss has taken over a lot of my life now, but ultimately I like the way I look in my clothes now. I like how I can walk into a shop and pick up a size 6 or 8  and I know it’s going to fit and look quite nice. So there is a lot of pressure to stay this weight now, but I don’t think I’m perfect by any stretch of the imagination because there’s always room for improvement.


Q: How do you feel about Ricci being the Celebrity Big Brother house?

I don’t really feel anything, I think he’s already said and done a lot hasn’t he? It wouldn’t surprise me if he spoke badly about me, what else has he got to talk about? I have prepared myself for the worst, that’s always the best way to be. He’s no skin off my nose, I did Ex on the Beach and we had a big heated confrontation and I wrote my autobiography. I put my version of events across and what I went through and that’s enough. I’ve drawn a line in the sand now, for me that’s closure. Whatever else he wants to say or do, I’m just gonna allow it to wash over me. I’m not vindictive and I’m not petty, I am done with it.

Q: What’s your favourite fake tan?

VIP tan by Vicky, my favourite one comes in a spray and it’s called Bronzed Mist. I love it, it’s dead easy to apply.

Q: What are your favourite fake eye lashes?
Katy Perry has some nice ones, they’re my favourite.

Q: What are your favourite work out leggings?

I mean I’ve got so much gym gear but leggings just make you feel nice. Gym Luxe do quite nice mesh leggings, you don’t get as hot in them which is really good for training. It means I don’t sweat my tits off, although I actually have sweated them off haven’t I?

Q: What are your favourite trainers?

I’m quite boring when it comes to trainers, I like a nice pair of Nike’s. Do you know what? I hate bright colours, I can’t stand bright colours in the gym. I just want to fade into the background and do my own thing, so you’ll never find me in any other colours apart from grey, black and white. I’ve got a pair of black and white ones and a pair of grey Nike Runners. As long as they are supportive and comfy that’s all I need.

Vicky Pattison_jacket

To find out more about Vicky’s life read her brand new autobiography Nothing But The TruthIt unveils the story behind her childhood, mischievous behaviour, the highs and lows as a reality TV star, secrets of her love life, her roller coaster weight gain and a lot more. Vicky’s workout DVD is  Vicky Pattison’s 7 Day Slim

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