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Doisy & Dam Vegan Chocolate

Reaching out to all of you chocoholics out there we are super excited to name Doisy and Dam as one of favourite things of the year. The chocolate that is packed with superfoods such as goji berries, spirulina, hemp seeds and maca is also safe to eat for vegans 

If you have a sweet tooth Doisy & Dam makes a perfect choice because not only will it nullify that sweet craving, it also contains those super foods like goji berries and spirulina so you feel just that little bit saintly whislt having a delicious treat.

This beautifully wrapped chocolate is produced in the UK and comes in four unique flavours Goji & Orange which is fruity and chewy, Mulberries, Chia Seeds & Spirulina which is one for those of you who are green-fans, Maca, Vanilla & Cocoa Nibs which is both creamy and crunchy and Ginger, Chilli Flakes and Hemp Seeds which has a fiery kick and proves that spicy and sweet make a great culinary couple, in chocolate at least. All of them are also 74 per cent organic chocolate and totally vegan.

Get it here

Price: £3.50

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