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LoLa Brow: The new semi-permanent treatment that gives you perfect brows for 3 weeks

before and after, lola brow review, by healthista

Thinking about semi-permanent eyebrows but too scared to take the plunge? Lola Brow are the new week lasting treatment that could be the perfect stepping stone into the world of semi-permanent, says Stephanie Wickens

As someone who is an avid eyebrow admirer, I’m constantly on the search for the perfect long lasting brow products and treatments. Eyebrows are a growing trend in this age of Instagram, and the best compliment you can give a woman these days is to point out how fierce her brows are.

There are thousands of brow treatments, products, and enhancements out there, but which ones are really worth it?

I recently discovered LoLa Brow, a new innovative semi-permanent brow treatment that claims to give you the perfect brow with a colour, shape, and style tailored to each individual client which lasts two – three weeks. I spent years pondering over getting semi-permanent tattooed eyebrows, but always been scared off by the fact that it last for three years. But when LoLa Brow emerged from the sea of brow treatments, I thought it could be the perfect treatment to test if semi-permanent could be for me.

What is it?

LoLa Brows is a unique salon treatment using semi-permanent colour to achieve three dimensional brows. LoLa Brows can be applied onto existing hair and directly onto the skin. The treatment takes up to 30 minutes with the colour and shape remaining water and smudge proof for weeks. It can be used as an long lasting alternative treatment to tinting. LoLa Brow can also be used along side other brow treatments like threading, HD brows, or Hi brow compact.

How does it work?

Building both brow shape, volume and thickness, this multi-layering sculpting treatment uses a new specially formulated gel mixed with pigment powder to create a colour and look that is unique for each client. It can be applied to the existing brow or directly to the skin, the transparent gel used in the LoLa Brows treatment is light reflective and thickens the individual strands of hair.

How long does it last?

Between 2 – 3 weeks

Where can I get it done?

With hundreds of qualified LoLa Brow technicians across the UK and abroad, you won’t have to travel far to get the treatment. Enter your post code or location in the Salon Finder at the Lash Perfect website to find your nearest LoLa Brows specialist.

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My review:

I had my treatment done at The Lash Bar salon, which is on Warwick Street (close to Carnaby Street) in London. Inside the salon was beautifully decorated, and the staff were very friendly.

ShopFront_Lash Bar_LOWRES

The technician discussed with me what type of brow I was hoping to achieve, and which colour I would like. My natural brows are  fair, however I often use a darker brown pencil when I fill them in. I showed her the colour I normally use, so she mixed two colours together (a light brown and a dark brown) that perfectly matched the colour of my brow pencil.

Before we started, she also explained that there were two different types of LoLa Brow gel. There was one that felt rough on the brow, but could last up to three weeks, and there was a gel that felt softer, but only lasted one week. I decided to go for a mixture of both gels, which would allow the brows to last two weeks.

lash bar decor, lola brow review, by healthista

After cleansing my brows, she applied the sculpting brow gel with a flexible fine wire wand applicator, and gently used it to brush the gel onto my brows. The thickness of the wand used depends on how dramatic you want your look to be.

The treatment was done in 30 minutes, and the technician told me not to get them wet for 24 hours after the treatment, and not to use any oil based products on them, as oil will lift the product off. She asked me if I wanted anything about them tweaked, and after a couple of changes here and there, I was happy. I thought the shape and colour were gorgeous.

She also explained that instead of a tint, that temporarily dyes the colour of your brow hair, the LoLa Brow gel simply sits on top of your natural hair and skin. It doesn’t stain or tint the hair, so it’s almost like having make up that doesn’t wash off or smudge, and when it’s taken off, you’re natural brows are still as they were.

Although you can go for a natural looking brow with this treatment, I decided to go for a more dramatic look. So when the treatment was finished, it looked like I was wearing make-up on them, even though I wasn’t. The first three days they felt tight and rough. I was advised not to touch them, as the gel could be pulled away if they’re touched or pulled too much. My brow hairs are long and unruly, so when the LoLa Brow had set, it also acted as a gel to keep the hairs in place at all times.

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The tightness went away after a couple of days, but the roughness stayed the whole time. As someone who doesn’t touch their brows a lot, the rough texture didn’t bother me.

my before and after, lola brow review, by healthista
My brows before treatment (left). My Brows 3 days after LoLa Brows (Right)

One of the biggest perks of this treatment was I could wake up in the mornings, and not need to touch my brows at all. It cut out almost 30 minutes of my getting ready time, and used the extra time to get an wake up later in the mornings. Some days I went to work without wearing any make-up at all.

After about two weeks, I noticed that parts of the gel had chipped off, so I had to use a little bit of make up to fill them in again. I managed to get almost three weeks out of them, even though mine were only meant to last two weeks. I went back to Perfect Lash salon and had them removed. They used a special solution that gently removed the LoLa Brow, and it only took two minutes.

lola brow review, by

Overall, I loved the treatment. I thought it was brilliant that I hardly needed to do anything with my brows for two weeks, and they still looked well groomed. If you’re someone who likes a very defined brow, which looks like it’s been filled in with make-up, then this is a good treatment for that.

How much does it cost?

LOLA Designer brows (includes shape and tint): £55

LOLA Brows: £40

LOLA Brows removal (free if re-applied after): £10

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inside lash bar, lola brow review, by healthista

The Pros

  • Lasts up to three weeks
  • Unique to the individual giving a personal touch to the service every time
  • Can be applied directly to the skin or to the existing brow
  • Waterproof and smudge proof
  • Only takes 30 minutes to complete
  • Internationally renowned training
  • Can be used alongside Brow Perfect and Hi Brow treatments

The Cons

  • Feels very rough to the touch
  • Needs to be removed in the salon
  • Gets a little flakey near the end of the three weeks
  • Can’t use oil based products near it

You can book treatments at Lash Perfect here

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