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Sportsetter – the brand new Fitness App that let’s you try ANY class in London (and we test one)

new fitness app in london sportsetter by healthista main

It can be tricky to decide which gym to join with the classes becoming more and more advanced around the city, so what if there was a fitness app that allowed you to pick and choose any class whenever you wanted and it was affordable? Well Healthista have found it…

Sportsetter is a brand new fitness app created in Finland that has just located to London. Similar to ClassPass it lets you find, try and buy fitness classes around the city easily. Hundreds of classes in all areas of London are available to try with the first class completely free. The classes range from pole dancing to yoga and HIIT to boxing, so I decided to head down to Lomax gym to try out my first class a much needed and very unique, Foam rolling class.

foam rolling class with sportsetter


Lomax gym is located in between Chelsea and South Kensington and has been on my ‘to go’ list for a long time so I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I spotted it on Sportsetter.  

Heading into the heart of London and into Lomax I wasn’t too sure what to expect from my first class. As those of you who have been following my bikini diary journey know I do a lot of weight lifting which definitely takes its toll on my muscles leaving me stiff and tight so I was definitely hoping to feel slightly more massaged after the class.

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Stretching our legs in the air sportsetter new fitness app by healthista
Stretching our legs to see our flexibility during our class.

We met our instructor, Olu who asked us to begin by performing certain exercises to see how our flexibility was before the class. We had to perfect a basic squat position with our arms lifted straight in the air followed by lying down on our backs with one leg lifted up in the air to see if we could get our leg straight and how high it could go. despite being a ‘on and off’ yogi and a dancer I felt really disappointed with my results. I couldn’t believe how stiff I had got, my squat was okay but my legs were at a right angle straight in the air and that was me actually trying to straighten them. I used to be able to pull my leg to my chest but it seemed miles away now. Not to mention the fact that I felt extremely tight even at this distance.

After we had all sulked at our results, Olu assured us that by the end of the class our flexibility would improve straight away. Unsure if I believed him or not I nodded and prepared for the class. We began with the balls of our feet placed on a ball and started to roll the ball forwards and backwards to massage the centre of our feet as well as stretching out the entirety of our legs.


ball rolling sportsetter new fitness app by healtihsta
Rolling the ball with our feet to stretch out our leg muscles.

The ball had a sharp point on the top which we were told to use as the focus point during our foam rolling session. I can only describe the feeling as uncomfortable but strangely addictive. I could feel my muscles tensing and relaxing. Moving from our feet to our legs we were directed to use a proper foam roller this time.

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Olu explained that the foam roller has three different sections, an easy section that will give you a light massage, a medium section that will give you a moderate massage to relieve tension and a hard section that will get really deep into your muscles – but is slightly more painful. Guess which I opted for? Yes, the hard section.

We placed one foot on top of the other and placed the foam roller just underneath our knee to target the hamstrings. The feeling was quite intense, my muscles quickly contracted into the foam roller and started to ache. Using my hands to support me I was told to lift my weight off the ground and push it all into my hamstrings. I slowly moved my weight backwards and forwards on the foam roller and subconsciously heard myself let out a sigh of relief as my muscles although hurting felt strangely pleasant.

sport setter foam rolling class new fitness app by healthista

We moved from the hamstrings to the glutes using the ball again this time. I was told to sit on the pointed area and slowly rock my body from side to side. The pain was intense at first and I almost didn’t want to do it, however after the first ten seconds it started to ease and I could feel all of the tension in my muscles relax.

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My foam rolling experience lasted half an hour but they are normally one hour classes at Lomax. Instructor Olu says that the changes can be incredible in flexibility and overall strength and movement if classes are carried out over a period of time. 


Try out foam rolling class or any other fitness classes through Sportsetter now

Download Sportsetter free from the app store now


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