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TESTED The Saucy Fish Co.

When Healthista caught up with The Saucy Fish Co. at Be:Fit London we were lucky enough to bag ourselves some saucy samples. Emma Jones donned an apron and took to the stove to bring you our verdict.

The Saucy Fish Co. aim to make fish exciting and simple to cook by packaging it up in perfect portions with a range of ready made sauces.

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They offer a huge variety of different fish including Salmon, Sea Bream, Smoked Haddock, Sea Bass and Cod, which all come with their own specially designed delicious sauce sachet. These can be served hot or cold, are super easy to prepare and taste (and smell) absolutely delicious. Some of the tasty toppings they offer include Mango and Chilli Dressing, Mustard and Dill Vinagerette and Orange and Fennel Sauce.

As the brand is signed up to the Sustainable Seafood Coalition, all their fish is responsibly sourced from farms and fisheries. A lot of their wild fish in particular comes from MSC fisheries, which means it has been given the certified sustainable seafood seal by the Marine Stewardship Council, so you can rest easy knowing your dinner came from a safe and reliable source.

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The raw fish and sauce pairings we tested couldn’t be easier to prepare or tastier to try. You simply pop the fish into the oven for fifteen minutes, heat the sauce sachet in boiling water for one minute, pour over and enjoy. They also offer ‘1 perfect portion’ sizes which are ideal for single diners.

We tried the Sea Bream with Orange and Fennel Sauce, Sweet Chilli Salmon with Tomato and Chilli Chutney and Cod Loin with Sunblush Tomato Dressing. All the sauces complimented the fish perfectly and there was more than enough to cover each portion, plus a little extra left over to soak peas and new potatoes in. They all smelt great fresh from the oven (especially the Sweet Chilli Salmon) and looked really appetizing on the plate.

The Cod Loin with Sunblush Tomato dressing was a real winner.
The Cod Loin with Sunblush Tomato dressing was a real winner.

The Saucy Fish Co. also offer a ‘ready to enjoy’ range, made up of three pre-cooked salmon varieties which can be served cold straight from the packet or heated up. Our Sweet Chilli Salmon was from this range, and we decided to pop it in the oven for a more ‘dinner time’ feel. However the range is also great cold flaked over salad or pasta.

Found in the chilled aisle, all their fish is fresh and can be eaten within a week or stored in the freezer at home for up to a month.

Visit their website to find out more or follow them on Twitter @SaucyFishCo

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