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Want to stay slim? Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day

You may already know getting enough sleep affects the hormones that govern weight, fullness and hunger. But new research suggests a steady sleep schedule could help you maintain a healthy weight

A new study from Brigham Young University has suggested that sleep could have an effect on a woman’s weight in more ways that previously though.

Apparently, not only is it important that you get the right amount of sleep, but consistency is also the key to keeping weight off. This is all down to better sleep giving your routine physical activity a boost.


330 college women were observed over a weeklong period, and it was found that those who slept and woke at the same times each day maintained a healthier weight.

The ones who had the lowest body fat were also sleeping between eight and eight and a half hours.

The other women, whose sleep patterns varied more than 90 minutes throughout the week had higher body fat than those who went to bed at the same time, or within 60 minutes.

Research in the past has shown that it is just as bad to get too much sleep as it is to get too little, and this study showed sleeping less that six and a half or more than eight and a half hours a night was associated with higher body fat too.

Quality of sleep also played a part in the study, and the women with lower body fat were those who had a good night’s sleep.

Bruce Bailey, who lead the team on this study, which was published in the American Journal of Health Promotion recommends three things to improve your quality of sleep:

1. Exercise, as the two go hand it hand to improve each other

2. Use beds only for sleeping (steady on now, Bruce)

3. Keep the bedroom cool, quiet and dark
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