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Smear your lipstick and take a selfie for this week’s Smear For Smear Campaign for Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Another round of selfies are about to hit social media this week in aid of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week with the new Smear For Smear Campaign.  Just apply red lipstick, smear it, take a selfie and upload it to your favourite social platform.

One in three women aged between 25-29 fail to attend their cervical screening smear tests. To help drive numbers up and raise awareness, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust are launching a Smear For Smear campaign across social media platforms on January 25th for Cervical Cancer Prevention Week to encourage more women to go for their smear tests when they’re called. 

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One third of women in their late 20s fail to attend smear appointments


Staggeringly, there’s been a 33 per cent rise in the number of women under 35 being diagnosed with cervical cancer in the last decade, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35 with nine women being diagnosed in the UK everyday. 

A survey carried out by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, the leading charity that helps women and families affected by cervical cancer, revealed that 26.6 per cent of women didn’t attend due to embarrassment, 26.2 per cent due to fear of pain and 20 per cent because they thought it was unnecessary. However, cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35 with nine women being diagnosed  in the UK everyday despite cervical cancer being preventable.

 Cervical cancer is preventable 

Last year, eight million pound was raised for Cancer Research in just six days after social media went mad with no-makeup selfies.

Woman with red Smeared Red Lipstick 4 easy steps to participate in Smear for Smear

  1. Apply lipstick, smear it across your cheek and take a picture
  2. Tag #smearforsmear and @JoTrust
  3. Tag friends/family you want to nominate
  4. Post onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

For more information on the campaign, please visIt the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust page.



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