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Ridge Roller muscle fixer

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Sore muscles? The Ridge Roller will change that by working the trigger points on your muscles to soothe and massage – all you have to do is roll on it

Anyone who works out regularly will have experienced sore muscles the next day. Until now you either payed for a massage, pushed through the pain or had a bath and hoped for the best. The new Ridge Roller from Escape Fitness is designed to work at trigger points in sore muscles and help relieve the pain. The foam ridges and bumps pressing against these trigger points simulate massaging hands. You simply roll back and forth on the roller pressing the tense muscle against the bumps and ridges and feel the most incredible sensation of release deep in your muscles. The Ridge Roller is lightweight too so it can be carried around easily and we found that it feels particularly nice when put between your lower back and a desk chair, or under your hamstrings or glutes on the floor as you roll back and forth.

Available on Amazon Escape Fitness Ridge Foam Roller – Black, 38 x 14 cm

Price: £27.38

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