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Reboot Body Makeover Week 6 – our blogger has lost two inches from her waist and one hole on her belt!

Anastasia It’s week six of her Reboot body makeover challenge and Anastasia, 45 has lost over two inches from her waist and one hole on her belt! 




Week six started as normal with my InBody reading (which measures my vital stats including body fat, muscle mass, measurements, weight and water) at Speedfex, where I am doing my training. It sounds strange, but I have come to look forward to stepping on the InBody machine and seeing my progress from the past week. I’m working really hard, and I’m very committed to the programme, so I am enjoying finding out how I’m doing and with the InBody, it’s not just about my weight.

Now, I’m no longer disheartened if my weight isn’t dramatically different, I can see an increase in my muscle mass and a decrease in my body fat, and I know my body is changing shape, even if that’s not reflected in the actual kilograms. I’m also feeling healthy and fantastic in myself, people have started to notice my weight loss and I am back into old clothes which haven’t fit me in ages and that is really spurring me on. In fact, this week I had to go down another belt hole – to me, that’s progress indeed.

Anastasia waist week6
Week 6 – Anastasia had to go down another belt hole


I knew taking on this challenge in the run up to Christmas was going to be tough, but now I’ve started working again, it’s even harder. My time is more restricted and I only made it to Speedflex three times. I’ve got used to doing four sessions a week and when I had to forgo one of them for an early work meeting, I was truly gutted. That said, I had a really good week calorie burn wise, torching 643 calories on Monday, 702 Wednesday and an amazing 826 on Friday – which I think is my highest calorie burn so far.

The sessions aren’t getting easier, but I can feel myself getting fitter and working harder. I’m not getting as tired as I did in the first few weeks and as my fitness levels progress, it’s more difficult to get into the high intensity training zones, so you do have to push that little bit more. Seeing my heart rate on the large screens around the studio really helps, it’s evident to me and the trainers when I need to put in a touch more effort, there really is nowhere to hide.

body pus soup
BodyPlus Gourmet Soup

Christmas time is always very busy for me, with lots of parties and social events. I had my first big Christmas party this week, a big festive lunch which lasted from 12-8pm! It was the first time I’d not had a BodyPlus Nutrition meal for lunch during the week and it’s fair to say temptation was all around. I’m thrilled to report that I didn’t give in and my food choices remained healthy. I had smoked salmon to start with (no bread, of course), turkey and all the trimmings for my main course, without the roast potatoes, opting for roast veg instead and a coffee for dessert. I did have a couple of glasses of wine and a glass of Prosecco too, but it is Christmas after all, you have to get into the spirit. I’d have thought it would be difficult watching all my friends indulge, but I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I had a great time, and am very proud of myself for steering clear of dessert and after lunch drinks.

With work and general life getting in the way, it has been hard to keep a food diary, I have persevered though as recording what I eat has really helped me write these blogs and stay on track. This week I’ve had the chance to try some of the new BodyPlus Nutrition soups, they are lovely and a nice warming change.

I’m all set for week seven and a brand new week of training and temptation, wish me luck…

My week in food is as follows:


Breakfast:  40g porridge

Lunch: Shredded beef with chilli noodles (Body Plus Nutrition Meal)

Supper: Eastern beef with sautéed kale (Body Plus Nutrition Meal)

Snack: 100g Greek yogurt and 30g nuts


Breakfast: 40g porridge

Lunch: Thai chicken with sweet potato and coriander soup (Body Plus Nutrition Meal)

Supper: Roast chicken with mushroom and leek soup (Body Plus Nutrition Meal)

Snack 1 : 100g carrot sticks and 50g humous

Snack 2: 100g Greek yogurt and 30g nuts


Breakfast: 100g Greek yogurt, 50g oats and 50g blueberries

Lunch & Dinner: Christmas lunch- smoked salmon, turkey and all the trimmings, roasted vegetables, a couple of glasses of wine and some Prosecco


Breakfast: 30g porridge and 50g fresh fruit

Lunch: Thai chicken with sweet potato and coriander soup (Body Plus Nutrition Meal)

Supper: Lamb meatballs with rainbow minestrone soup

Snack: 100g Greek yogurt and 30g nuts


Breakfast: 50g porridge with 50g fruit

Lunch: Roasted chicken with linguine (Body Plus Nutrition Meal)

Supper: Masala chicken with minted peas (Body Plus Nutrition Meal)

Snack: 100g carrot sticks and 50g humous


Breakfast: 50g oats, 100g Greek yogurt and 50g blueberries

Lunch: Homemade beef stir fry with noodles

Supper: Mini Chicken fillets with mixed vegetables


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 100g gammon steak

Lunch:  Roast pork (NO CRACKLING…) with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables

Supper: Salmon fillet with soy and chilli, edamame beans and broccoli.

Snack 1: 100g Greek yogurt with 30g nuts

Snack 2: 100g carrot sticks and 50g humous



Week 6 stats




Speedlfex Speedflex combines a low impact, high intensity, cardiovascular and resistance workout with heart rate monitoring for optimum calorie burn and results. Benefits include accelerated fat loss, improved muscle tone, strength and bone density and enhanced power and speed. For more information or to find your local centre, visit Read Healthista’s take on Speeflex here



Bodyplus FoodBody Plus nutrition offers a unique, fresh ready meal service tailored to gym goers and their goals. All freshly prepared with seriously healthy ingredients, it’s the brainchild of Amar Patel. Body Plus Nutrition prides itself in offering healthy, pre-packaged, portion-controlled ready – meals to provide health club members with a complete and convenient nutrition package to support a healthy lifestyle. See for more.


Here’s a Healthista TV film  about Body Plus Nutrition


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