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PMS: Krill oil helps relieve symptoms such as tender breasts

We all know the erratic mood swings, uncontrollable breakouts and unsightly bloating that mean your period is imminent, but if you’re in the 60 per cent of women who regularly suffer symptoms of PMS, oil from the fish krill may help, a new study has found.

Tested on 10 major signs of PMS including breast tenderness, mood, anxiety, skin outbreaks and fatigue, the supplement has been shown to effectively reduce symptoms by an average of 44 per cent. Researches found that the unique combination of krill oil and vitamins reduced bloating, fatigue and headaches over the course of three months.

Some of the best improvements were seen in breast tenderness which was improved by an average of 51 per cent, mood which was improved by an average of 44 per cent, anxiety by 38 per cent on average and both skin outbreaks and food cravings which were improved by an average of 37 per cent each.

Krill oil is rich in Omega 3, a group of fatty acids which are said to reduce the severity of anxiety and bloating in women suffering from PMS
Krill oil is rich in Omega 3, a group of fatty acids which are said to reduce the severity of anxiety and bloating in women suffering from PMS

Interestingly, the greatest improvement was seen in those women with the most severe symptoms, with all of them being reduced by at least an average of 59 per cent. Breast tenderness was improved by a staggering 81 per cent average and forgetfulness by an equally impressive 77 per cent.

The study was carried out on 29 women with a mean age of 27 and was conducted over four months. All participants had to have been previously diagnosed with PMS and still be experiencing symptoms when the study commenced. Women taking dietary supplements or vitamins were asked to stop two weeks prior to the trial and all participants were told not to make any adjustments to their regular diet during the trial except for adding the supplement.

Each of them took two 500mg capsules a day for three months and completed a series of self-assessment questionnaires in order to assess the severity of their symptoms.


The supplement contained a combination of Krill Oil, B Vitamins, Soy Isoflavones, Rosemary Extract and Vitamin D3. Omega 3 found in krill oil has been found to positively effect depression, anxiety and mood. It is also said to reduce bloating. B Vitamins, Soy Isoflavones and Vitamin D3 have all been linked with the relief of PMS symptoms in the past, but have never been combined with krill oil in a single presentation before this study was carried out.

With no more than an underwhelming nine per cent of prescriptions for PMS in the UK currently being for vitamins, we are excited to hear that researchers are now exploring new, more natural routes.


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Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women (£22.99) was the product used in this study.


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