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Philips Viva Compact Juicer

Thinking about hopping on the juicing bandwagon in 2015? We have tested the Philips Viva Compact juicer and it got us hooked on green juices 

There are a number of reasons why we love this juicer. Firstly, it’s small, just like the name suggests so it won’t take up all the surface area on your kitchen worktop. But looks and size aren’t everything, what we really want to know is if it works and how time consuming is it to make a glass of juice with it? Although small in size the Philips Viva is surprisingly powerful even when juicing hard vegetables such as beetroot or sweet potato. It literally juiceseven the hardest ones within seconds without any sign of choking that we have seen with our previous juicers. One of the most important aspects is the question of how easy is it to clean? The juicer consists of a few different parts and once dissembled, the pulp collector can be emptied easily and all the separate parts are really quick to wash and are also dishwasher safe. What really struck us with this juicer is how dry the pulp is that you throw away, suggesting this small but powerful appliance sucks every last bit of nutrition and juice from the vegetables and fruits you feed it.

The Philips Viva Compact Juicer is available here.

Price: £80

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