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Comic Ruby Wax has endorsed new live wellbeing events

Ruby Wax’s battle with depression is well documented and so too is her use of mindfulness meditation to help manage it. Now, she’s encouraging us all to enjoy the present moment with a series of live wellbeing events

The Inaugural Music and Mind Gala and The Friends of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior of UCLA Honoring Eric McCormack, Dr. Andrew Leuchter, Renee and Meyer LuskinToday marks the beginning of the NOW Live Events, a series of monthly talks and workshops taking place across London.

To mark the launch, Wax is leading a mindfulness workshop at Bishopsgate Institute tonight.

The comedian and author uses mindfulness to help her own depression, after spending time in the Priory.

Wax said about the treatment: ‘When you’re driven you don’t have any gauges for when you are going too far until something like a breakdown or a depression happens so you keep pushing it and pushing it.

‘Now I can see the point where I am not just being creative but heading for burnout then I put the brakes on and clear my brain.  Doing the mindfulness helps me see the signals early.’

Ruby knows that those voices in our head are enough to send us to madness, with their constant criticisms and put-downs.

After getting through her own battle, she now has an MA from Oxford in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Her talk will discuss the ways our brain can sabotage our sanity, as well as ways to move forward and master it. If you’re after a ticket for this evening, click here.

NOW Productions UK is a new cultural enterprise that is aiming to connect the arts world with wellbeing through activities for all ages.

The founder and director Jana Stefanova said ‘At NOW we believe that life happens here. Right now.’

Throughout the events experts will be discussing wellbeing, self-development, and more engaging ways to life to the fullest.

The next event, taking place in January, will be Claudia Hammond’s ‘How to Change your Relationship with Time’. We all complain that there isn’t enough time, to do the things we love as well as the things we need to do. Hammond’s talk will discuss why this is, and how to manage your time to your advantage.

In February, three experts will be running the ‘How to Change your Life in 2014’ event. Suzy Greaves, editor of Psychologies magazine, will be in conversation with John Paul Flintoff, author of How to Change the World, writer, commentator and author of How to Thrive in the Digital Age, Tom Chatfield, and medical sociologist and journals Anne Karpf, author of How to Age.

For more information on these talks and others, visit the NOW Live Events website, on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter using @nowliveevents . More events will be announced in the new year.

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