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Weight Loss

5 new ways to lose weight

Brand new ways to shift the pounds from our resident weight loss know-it-all, Helen Foster, aka The Bodyologist

What Are You Hungry ForHow to think thin It’s diet book season, but of the ones I’ve seen my favourite title doesn’t tell you what to eat but how to think. Written by spiritual guru to the stars Deepak Chopra, What Are You Hungry For? (Rider Books, £12.99) explores how creating a more fun fulfilling life helping tackle the comfort eating that causes many of us to fall of the diet wagon. It’s not just a body makeover, it’s potentially a life changer too. Check out some specific tips from the book at




The weight loss-race connection Woah; this is big news. Huge. How effective diets are may be partly determined by race. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh put a group of Caucasian women and a group of Afro-American women on the same diet plan and found the Afro-Americans lost an average of 7lb less even though they stuck as strictly to the plan. Differences in resting metabolic rates and how much energy different races expend moving around is believed to be the cause. It’s led the researchers to suggest that Afro-American women may need to cut calories slightly lower – or burn more via exercise – to get comparable results to Caucasians. Other races have not yet been compared.

SaviourSnacksSkinny Box

New skinny snacks It’s now well known that willpower is a finite resource – so why expend it if you don’t have to? The new Super Skinny Box from Saviour Snacks delivers a carefully chosen selection of 14 healthy snacks to your door so you dont have to brave the sweetie aisle when cravings strike. Each contains less than 120 calories per portion and has been chosen for its nutritional benefits as much as its weight loss potential. The boxes cost £15 plus £2.20 p&p. See more at

Balanced Diet

Loving this I’m not a natural cook. I have to follow recipes. I was therefore thrilled to discover that Jennifer Irvine, founder of diet delivery service The Pure Package and author of my current go-to healthy eating cookbook, was bringing out a second book. Called The Balance Diet it contains over 80 recipes and a 14-day habit breaking diet plan (handy if you’re still dipping into the Quality Street daily). It’s out now, published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson and is available on Amazon for £13. The King Prawn Yellow Curry is my new fave.


Mio Group

Give your muscles some love Rewarding yourself for a job well done at the gym makes sticking to a workout more likely – and it just got easier. The new Fit Skin range from Mio offers indulgent body lotions, shower products and muscle rubs all designed to enhance your workout effects. The Mio Fit Skin Workout Wonder muscle motivating gel, (£21.00 arriving at SpaceNK this month) is my top choice. Apply it before a workout to warm the muscles and let the scent put you in the right frame of mind to move.

verywiseFats for weight loss There’s a new omega-3 product in town. Called VeryWise it’s not a tablet but a fruity liquid which you can drink like a shot or add to smoothies. It comes in six varieties each with added health boosting ingredients including Jointwise (left). So why am I mentioning this on a weight loss page? Because omega 3 helps aid fat burning. In Australian studies exercisers supplementing with the good fats lost more weight than those doing the same workout sans fat. You’ll find VeryWise at priced, £5.95.
helen foster headshotHealthista’s Bodyologist Helen Foster blogs daily on all things health, fitness and diet related at  Follow her on Twitter @healthehelen 

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