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New Steve’s Leaves salad bowls

speedy steves leaves

Putting together a ‘simple salad’ can actually be one of the most UN-simple tasks around. Faffing about with endless ingredients, and always buying more than we need…Steve’s Leaves have help

The new Luscious Leafy Tomato Trio, from Steve’s Leaves puts an end to all the palaver of sorting a lunchtime salad giving you a delicious easy side salad ready made in a handy little bowl. It’s packed with a big variety of fancy ingredients like baby watercress, red baby cos, baby chard, Piccolo tomatoes, orange peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. And all that’s topped off with a tomato and thyme dressing… phew.

the speediest salad

The dressing is really what makes the salad, it’s not too heavy and has so much flavour you can eat the whole bowl without adding any extra ingredients. Something that makes plain lettuce taste nice is definitely worth a try. It’s colourful, sweet, and has just about the right amount of everything. The whole thing comes in a just 100 calories making it the perfect option for a healthista on the go. Add a tin of tuna  and / or a can of chickpeas and you’re sorted.

Lucious Leafy Trio is available now at Waitrose for £2.49 (hefty we know, but what price convenience? It’s still cheaper than Pret).


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