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TRENDING: New fitness app rewards you for being active with free stuff!

Need motivation for exercise? What if your daily run or cycle could earn you  discounts on your favourite health brands? Well, now it can with new fitness app, Earthmiles

We’ve seen body trackers and apps for keeping tabs on our fitness, but now there’s a new app that tracks your fitness and gives you rewards for it. All free.

Just launched in the app store, the Earthmiles app rewards your healthy, everyday choices with points that can be converted into exclusive bargains and prizes. By connecting with fitness trackers that you may already use, the distance you walk, run or bike converts into Earthmiles points that keep growing as you keep working out.

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Earthmiles links to other trackers like RunKeeper, Map My Run and Strava to give you points

All you have to do is link the app to your favourite tracking app – RunKeeper, Map My Run and Strava are all currently available on Earthmiles with more to come – and the app will automatically convert your tracking into points. The more healthy and earth friendly choices you make, the more points you can earn for great discounts and freebies, which are all completely exclusive to the Earthmiles app.

Earthmiles rewards page example
Rewards can be earned with enough Earthmiles Points

Earthmiles is working with food and nutrition brands, shops and cafes, fitness and workout centres and skincare and wellness companies to bring great discounts and prizes. With enough earthmiles points, some of the prizes include a month of free classes at Salsateca, a free reformer pilates class at Bootcamp Pilates studios in London, 45 percent off any juice or food programme by Nosh Detox or 20 percent off any purchase at Retreat Café.

It’s easy to wrack up points if you’re active three to four times per week, but if not, Earthmiles is a great motivational tool to get you up and moving. If you walk to the shop instead of drive or if you decide to bike to work one morning, you’ll clock in more Earthmiles points that can move you closer to rewards.

A 1km walk is worth one point, a 1km cycle is worth three points and a 1km run is worth 5 points, so your everyday activity can easily be redeemed into prizes. The rewards start at 250 points, and redeeming a discount, like a coupon or free class voucher, is easily done in the app and then is sent to your email for a completely paperless process.

Earthmiles hopes to add more companies to the list of rewards as more feedback of the app comes in, and they hope to include programmes to get rewards for blood and organ donation, volunteering, charity runs and similar activities as other ways to earn Earthmiles points in the future.

Want to turn your everyday workouts into exciting rewards? Download Earthmiles from the app store and give it a go.


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