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WE LOVE the new collection by Every Second Counts, from ex-fashion editor turned fitness kit designer

When two new pieces from Every Second Counts showed up at our office we went a little gaga over the cut and feel of the fabric.  Here’s the lowdown on the new collection from a brand that’s made for the Healthista lifestyle

Laid BackTee-ú62_ClaimTheMomentSweatPant-ú
Luxe ‘Claim the Moment Sweatpants’

Every Second Counts, a fitness brand aimed towards a seamless transition between daily life and the gym, is about to release its second collection on October 16th. With pieces ranging from the ultra-comfortable to statements with neon, the winter collection narrows in on a type of fitness kit that merges style with practicality.

Every Second Counts was created with the purpose of sliding effortlessly between the gym, pilates, running, yoga, spin class and everyday life and healthy living and positive encouragement at its heart.

Sally Profile Image
Sally Dixon

Founder Sally Dixon is an ex magazine Fashion Director who decided to combine her love of fitness with her experience in the fashion industry. After 20 years of working in the fashion world, she has transitioned her knowledge of trends into delicately detailed pieces of gym kit made with quality performance fabrics.

The new winter collection, Collection 2, is just as practical as it is adorable. The three new lines, Spectrum, Luxe and Seamless, include strong geometric patterns and dashes of neon that liven up the pieces without blinding anyone.

The new collection is paired with a launch of two new sports bras, the ‘Result Crop’ and the ‘Take Your Time’ bra. The two are made with anti-pilling and moisture wicking fabrics and both have elastic straps for support. High intensity performance pieces from Collection 2, like the ‘Personal Best Vest’ selling for £70 (top picture), are meant for the sweat heavy workout. With reflectivity, flattering shaping and breathable mesh, these pieces are prepared for whatever you attempt in them.

Every Second Counts’ goal of easy transition between workout and daily life becomes apparent in the Luxe Line, which has a strong emphasis on comfort. The garments here are made with super soft fabrics that will still hold up in the gym, and the additional seamless garments in the new collection are a staple when it comes to breathable and comfortable fitness kit.

Sally and items from the new collection

The quality fabrics and practical aspects of Collection 2 are fantastic, but our favorite part is simply how cute the kit looks. The geometric colour blocking and fun details of neon create adorable clothing we’d want to rock at the gym and at home.

‘Inspiration for the Every Second Counts Collection 2 started with a fashion image of Gisele wearing a colour block neoprene surf style one piece,’ says founder Sally. ‘Seeing this image I wanted to take the zip detailing commonly seen on wetsuits and rash guards and adapt it for sportswear garments.’

From there Sally wanted to add in neon without being ‘in your face,’ so she turned to adding details like zips and bindings to make her pieces stand out.

‘I also fell in love with a highly reflective mesh fabric so was keen to incorporate it in to the collection where I could,’ Sally says.

To give any athletic woman a kick of encouragement, select Every Second Counts garments have a motivational mantra printed onto the fabric such as, ‘This is my time, I’ll make every second count’. This little detail is part of the reason why this new line is so anticipated by us.

Two garments from the new Every Second Counts collection made their way to Healthista Towers and we just had to try them out.

Take Your Time Hoody  £106

take your time Collage

This jacket is a happy combination of comfortable and cute. We love the chevron pattern that lines the top half of the jacket, and the neon pink zipper ads a pop of color that livens it up. The seamless body of the hoody and the light weight fabric make it a great jacket to start a workout with or to throw on after.

‘So many possibilities lay before me, where will the seconds take me?’ is the mantra printed on the inside of the ‘Take Your Time Hoody.’ That little boost of encouragement as detailing is the reason we love Every Second Counts.

When we tried out the ‘Take Your Time Hoody,’ we couldn’t get over how comfortable it was. The fabric hugs you snugly and the thumb holes were a brilliant touch.


This Time Vest £75

this time vest collage

Talk about comfortable! The ‘This Time Vest’ has ultra-smooth fabric that isn’t too heavy for an intense workout. The reflective mesh on the back between the shoulder blades is in the perfect location for airing you out and looks adorable in it’s bold, geometric shape.

Our favorite part of this piece is the ‘V’ shaped neckline. The simple detail of having a pointed collar is what makes the shape of this vest top so flattering. We tested out this top as well, and were pleased to find that the fabric didn’t ride up or wiggle around, but instead held shape and staid comfortable.

‘This is my time – I’ll make the seconds count’ is the mantra printed on this garment, and once we read it we just about sprinted to the gym out of joy.

The new Every Second Counts Collection 2 launches on October 16th

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