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7 hot new body trends

From healthy vending machines to rooftop yoga, Healthista’s Bodyologist blogger Helen Foster brings us the latest body trends 

1. The healthy vending machine: HEALTHY NIBBLES


I have developed a slight obsession on my blog with healthy vending machines like the salad filled one in Chicago and a fruit dispensing machine in Australia – so I was thrilled to hear about Healthy Nibbles who have just launched the UK’s first dedicated healthy vending machine. Featuring healthy snacks from high end brands like Inspiral, Isle of White Biltong, Bounce Balls and Jax Coco it’s like Wholefoods with buttons.  The first machine was just installed at the BBC in Glasgow to tie in with the Commonwealth Games and they’re hoping more will follow. Check them out (they also do snack delivery boxes) at Read more on healthy vending machines on my blog here and here.

2. The retreat everyone’s talking about: BODHIMAYA


Rebecca Adlington’s recent shape change has made headlines – and now we know how it happened. She’s been working with the team at wellbeing retreat Bodhimaya. Based in London and France they offer personalised consultations and six day retreats that mix nutrition and meditation. Their aim is to strengthen the link between mind and body, balancing your system and helping you make lasting healthy changes. Whether you agree or disagree that she needed to lose weight, what’s clear is Rebecca is happy and confident which frankly is all any of us should be trying to achieve with our bodies, big, small, sporty or otherwise. See more at


3. Hot in the US: PIYO


It seems every time I visit the fitnessy bit of blogworld right now someone is talking about PiYo – a mix of pilates and yoga moves that’s taking the US by storm. A quick bit of research explained why – creator Chalene Johnson has teamed up with Beachbody the team behind fitness juggernauts Insanity and P90X making household name status pretty much guaranteed. It’s not just hype though, PiYo mixes yoga and pilates moves to stretch and tone but flows them dynamically into each other adding a cardio element that boosts results. The DVDs are now available here at And it’s not the only yoga/pilates hybrid coming to town– watch out for Nova classes rolling out in Virgin Active gyms now.


4. Try this: BROCCOLI PIZZA (yes, it’s a thing)


While recipes for veggie based pizza bases have been knocking around for some time now, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of the first non-DIY version courtesy of bakers Plan Bread. Combining broccoli with secret – but gluten free – ingredients to make a flour they’ve come up with a version of pizza dough that doesn’t taste at all bad. Each hefty slice contains only 3g of carbs and, depending on which type you have has 188-236 calories. I tried the Mozzarella and Tomato one and was seriously impressed. It would happily satisfy my pizza cravings. It’s only available for delivery in London right now but see more


5. Treat Time: 9BAR INDULGE

coconut indulge bar

Well they’ve certainly picked the right name for this new creation – sweet and rich 9bar’s new Indulge bars are super yummy. Admittedly, if you need a very low cal treat these are not the snack you are looking for – each bar packs around 226 calories (and 11gm of sugar) but if you’re more concerned with the quality of your chocolately treats, read on. The bars combine dark cocoa with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds. Meaning not only are they super filling they also deliver antixoidants, fibre and omega -3 fats. Of the two flavours, Hazlenut and Raspberry, Hazlenut just pipped the post as my favourite. Available now at Tesco, 99p.


6. The Science Bit: DON’T GET RUNGRY

Cupcakes - woman caught eating cupcake snack after running train

Ever had days when exercise makes you eat everything in the house? I do. Every time I do Parkrun. Why was a mystery to me but the king of eating psychology Dr Brian Wansink at the US’s Cornell University might have found out. He’s discovered that if you think of the movement you’re doing as ‘exercise’ you’re more likely to snack afterwards than if you think of it as fun, scenic or ‘time for you’. I use Parkrun as my fast run during training and as such it’s hard and I kind of dread it – ergo nibbles. According to Dr Wansink, I need to think of the run more positively to stop my snacking. Suggestions as to how I turn burning lungs into a happy thing on a postcard please.



HotPodNetil small

Hot yoga is all very well but it’s pretty hard to do anywhere than a dark, sweaty room – until now! Hotpod Yoga (who are famed for their Vinyasa classes in hot inflatable tents) are just about to launch their first rootop pod – and it’s see-through (and seriously cool looking). With its floor to ceiling windows those inside can see out to the world – but a sneaky opaque coating means those outside can’t see in. Opening 8th of August, in East London you can book classes in it (and their other pods) online at Also check on there for details of their new Manchester venue also opening this month.

helen full lengthHealthista’s Bodyologist Helen Foster blogs daily on all things health, fitness and diet related. Follow her @healthehelen.

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