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Got an upset stomach? Liquorice root could help


If you suffer from heartburn or digestion problems, liquorice could help. Healthista’s Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains its benefits, in our Trendy Nutrients A – Z series

‘Liquorice comes from the root of a plant called glycyrrhiza glabra and can be used to help with gastrointestinal problems,’ says Healthista’s nutritional director Rick Hay.

‘Liquorice contains an ingredient called glycyrrhizic acid, which has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. This is why liquorice can be used to treat heart burn and indigestion.’

‘As well as soothing an upset stomach, liquorice can help reduce stress. It can stimulate the adrenal gland, so that there is a healthy level of cortisol (the body’s main stress hormone) in the body.

‘Glycyrrhizic acid in liquorice can also help improve energy production. However, liquorice shouldn’t be taken if you have high blood pressure.

‘Don’t take liquorice supplements too late at night, because it may keep you up and disrupt your sleep.

Liquorice can be taken in tea, powder or tincture. Try Organic Lemon Balm & Liquorice tea £2.49 from Healthista Shop.


Rick Hay is an Anti-Ageing and Fitness Nutritionist with many years clinical experience in nutrition, naturopathy, botanical medicine and iridology. He specializes in obesity treatment and weight management. He writes a regular Natural Health and Fitness Blog for Healthista. Find out more at Follow Rick on Twitter @rickhayuk


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