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Infographic: How to stop your food going off in your fridge

British families throw away a whopping £700 in food waste per year. That’s one weekly manicure or 20 Starbucks a month. Here’s how to stop wasting food and claw back some of that lost cash for your nail art and coffee fund

When Anna Magee, Healthista editor and self-proclaimed ‘fiend’ for making food go as far as possible, heard about this back in November, she enlisted dietician Claire Donnelly to share her tips to extend the life of your groceries. A few options from her inventive list: make your stale bread into garlic bread, freeze grapes that are nearly bad, and make a stock base from the bones of your Sunday roast. Check out her full food-saving tricks repertoire here. 

To take it a step further, take a peek at this this handy-dandy infographic from Partselect in partnership with Ghergich and Co. to give you a visual of where your food is most effectively stored. This means less spoilage, less food waste, and more cash in your pocket.


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