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REVIEWED: Proskin Running Leggings get the thumbs up from Healthista fitness blogger Kelly Du Buisson

Personal trainer and Healthista Fast Fitness blogger Kelly Du Buisson, reviews her favourite brand of running leggings for working out

Proskins have always been one of my favourite workout bands as their leggings are super comfy and easy to wear, plus they seem to last for ages and wash very well. I was recently given a pair of the new summer body Slim by Proskins to test out and I wasn’t disappointed.

Slim by Proskins are high-waisted black leggings retailing at around £50 and they come with advanced slim technology. This basically means the compression fabric rests across trouble spots like the stomach promoting circulation and encouraging the lymphatic drainage system to flush out toxins.

They are the most comfortable leggings I own

Proskins slimThe fabric contains active ingredient such as aloe vera, caffeine, retinol, vitamin e and ceramides. These all combine to break down fat, reduce the effects of ageing and keep the skin smooth and supple. The moisture control fabric stops the wearer from getting cold or sore from sweat meaning you can wear them comfortable for hours at a time (if you so wish).

They are the most comfortable leggings I own and I totally agree that the fabric keeps you cool and dry. It’s very difficult to determine if the slimming system works as I think you would have to wear them continuously to see any difference. I measured my waist (belly button) and hips and thighs to see if I noticed a difference over a period of 2 weeks.  Weight can fluctuate through many environmental factors but it is the fat and appearance of your skin that you are looking to reduce. I definitely noticed my skin was softer and I lost around a cm off my belly button but I am fairly slim anyway so this could have been due to other factors. My inner thighs however definitely felt much smoother (as a runner inner thighs suffer from dry skin and chaffing if you’re not careful) and I lost 1cm off both into the bargain.

So in short these leggings are by far the most comfy and supportive piece of kit and the fabric is very delicate against skin protecting you from the wear and tear that exercise can induce. I wouldn’t expect to lose weight but it is absoloutly possible to smooth out those cellulite trouble zones and reduce fatty spots. They are also a bit of a bargain to boot!

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Proskins Slim Full Length Leggings cost £50 from Amazon

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