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Irresistible pesto pasta made with hazelnuts instead of basil from healthy eating guru Robin Ellis

A delicious and fast summer hazelnut pesto pasta with a twist from healthy eating guru

Robin EllisRobin Ellis Hazelnut Pasta

This is like a pesto pasta. You can prepare the nut mix beforehand and reheat it very gently when you come to cook the pasta– stress-free cooking, in principle! Hazelnuts roasted are particularly more-ish. Mixed with olive oil, chili and garlic and served, as here, with nutty wholewheat pasta, they are irresistible!

Serves : Two


7oz wholewheat penne or spaghettini

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp hazelnut oil — if available

2 garlic cloves — pulped

2 small dry chills — chopped

75gms roasted hazelnuts — chopped (I use the small container in a food mixer and pulse the nuts to control the finished size — crunchy little bits — not powder)

2/3 tbsp parsley — chopped

2 tbsp saved pasta water (i.e. the water that the pasta was cooked in!)

50gms parmesan cheese — grated

Pecorino cheese — if available, a couple of tablespoons — bearing in mind its saltiness.

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