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Weight Loss

Day #29 Have a cold shower

Turning on your cold tap for 10-30 seconds during your shower could help you burn fat. It’s Day 29 in the Tweak Diet

An icy shower could help burn fat during the day.  A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found making yourself cold activates ‘brown fat’, a good type of fat in the body that increases metabolism and burns off white fat, the kind that makes you flabby and old.

woman water shower splash

Brown fat is present in babies researchers have found, but adults can help re-activate theirs by lowering their temperatures.

So switch on your cold tap for ten seconds at the end of your shower to lower your body temperature for the day and then, slowly build up your cold tap endurance to 30 seconds over the course of a few months (by summer, like).  Brrrr.

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