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OMG! Fork that lights up and vibrates when you eat too fast

A fork that aims to beat obesity by lighting up and vibrating when you eat too fast? Of course you want to know more

We’re all aware that eating slower is healthier, usually because when we eat too fast, we feel ill and in pain. But actually, many studies have shown that eating fast has a negative effect in more ways than just indigestion. Eating faster has been linked to weight gain as, understandably, the faster you eat, the more you end up eating, and in fact, eating slower reduces the stress on weakened tissues in your body and might even combat metabolic risks and reduce the risk of diabetes. With more that 15 million Brits considered to be obese, we really all should be turning it down a notch at meal times.

It’s all very well talking about it, but when you’re sitting at your desk with emails coming in left, right and centre, how are you going to remember to take it slow? You need a HAPIfork.

HAPIfork Bluetooth

The HAPIfork may look ordinary, but inside is a health-tech-revelation. Every time it touches your mouth, the HAPIfork records the intervals between each serving and tracks how fast you are eating.

If you’re munching too quickly, it will let you know. Don’t worry, there won’t be sirens and a Brian Blessed’s voice shouting ‘PUT. THE FORK. DOWN. I REPEAT, STEP AWAY FROM THE CARBONARA.’

Instead, it will light up and vibrate as a gentle reminder to slow down. But that’s not all. When you get home and plug your fork into your computer (never thought I’d be saying that…) you can use the app and software to track your fork-fulls per minute and per meal, as well as for how long and what time you usually eat. The fork is also Bluetooth enabled. All of this will help you to reap the benefits of a more relaxed meal.


HAPIfork is dishwasher friendly and comes in a range of colours – is it me, or is that always the best bit? You may be thinking the HAPIfork would make a good stocking filler but be warned; they are currently retailing at $59.99US and are only available from – it’s expected to launch in the UK in the next few months.

The HAPIfork is an innovative idea to help prevent obesity, but does weigh a little heavy on the bank balance. Also not great for soup. Find out more.


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