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This Girl Can Campaign

Healthista are loving the new campaign This Girl Can which shows women full of joy and determination whilst sweating it out

Sport England released This Girl Can campaign on Monday 12th January 2015 which features real women of various shapes and sizes working out through football, squash, swimming, boxing and jogging. They sweat, they jiggle, they laugh. They’re obviously having a great time exercising and that’s what we’re all about: loving being healthy.

The campaign comes after research carried out by Sport England showed that many women are put off by exercise because they fear they’ll be judged due to their appearance, size or skill. Well, fear no more because this campaign shows women, big and small, out of breath and literally dripping with sweat.

A couple of the lines featured within the campaign are I jiggle therefore I am’ and ‘I kick balls, deal with it’ which hopes to change the nation’s perception and motivate the 75 per cent of women who want to become more active – whilst feeling comfortable in their body and surroundings. The campaign is brash and confident and echoes our big philosophy here at Healthista: once you realise how great being healthy can make you feel, you’ll want to do more of it. And whether they call us health nazis, fitness fascists or vain bitches, we don’t care. Bollocks to what other people think – we’re healthy because it feels good.

The campaign seems to echo our philosophy: bollocks to what other people think – we’re healthy because it feels good.

We hope you find it as inspiring as we did because it certainly made us want to get up and move.

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