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Frozen Dessert Maker

Dessert is best served COLD! The new frozen dessert maker by ElectrIQ turns frozen fruits into deliciously refreshing desserts with ice cream texture in minutes.

We just love this sexy neon green appliance and not only because of its’ funky looks, but also because it allows us to indulge in a healthy way. All you need to do is chop up your fruit and put it into the freezer. Once frozen simply put the fruit in the appliance and it will make it into an ice cream-like substance literally in minutes. Bananas work particularly well to add creaminess and an ice-cream like texture to your sorbets and if you want to make your own flavour creations, mix and match different fruits to create amazing frozen fruit desserts which will give you that extra vitamin kick. You can also add a few nuts, seeds or dark chocolate as a topping, the possibilities are endless, so go crazy with your frozen dessert. The ElectrIQ Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker also gets a thumbs up regarding cleaning, quick and easy just the way we like it.

Available on Amazon ElectrIQ Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker ICMFD01

Price: £29.98

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