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Foreo Luna cleansing brush

When it comes to facial cleansing you can’t be careful enough with what products you use. We love the Foreo Luna for sensitive and normal skin because it gently aids facial cleansing and also has a special anti-aging setting 

Facial cleansing is important to keep pores clean and helps gain a natural, radiant look. The new Foreo Luna is a small silicon brush which is soft and vibrating. The gentle vibration massages the face and feels superbly relaxing. It has an automated setting which stops vibrating in order whenever you have to change to a different part of your face. The back of the brush can be used for the anti-aging routine around wrinke-prone areas. You might ask why do I need a brush to cleanse when I have two hands? Well, the Luna removes dead skin which can’t be achieved when using hands only and its vibrating silicon brush has been proven to cleanse skin pores deeper than hands. It feels divinely decadent to use and leaves skin feeling soft and looking noticeably brighter.

Available on Amazon Foreo Luna – Sensitive/Normal Skin.

Price: £129.99


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