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If the shoe fits…What wouldn’t you do to fit into a new pair of Louboutins?

If the shoe fits…? Actually, Good Morning America recently reported on the determined new ways women are getting their feet into the shoes they desire

Plastic surgery that includes having your toes shortened to stop the embarrassing ‘second toe longer than the big toe’ thing that is all over the newsstands at the moment (not).

If too long isn’t your problem – how about too fat? You can have your toe-besity seen to as well, with a procedure that involves slicing the toe open, removing some of the fat and grinding down some of the bone. That is dedication to high priests Christian, Manolo and Jimmy right there.

When you want those shoes, you want those shoes
When you want those shoes, you want those shoes

So what if it’s not your toes, but other things about your feet that are stopping you getting into the foot object of desire? How about Botox injections to stop feet from sweating and wrecking the inners on your investments from the house of Blahnik?

Speaking of skyscraper heels, you might want to try having fillers injected into the balls of your feet to help alleviate the burning of being in heels all day by adding a cushioning inside your skin.

Watch the GMA report here

Not everyone is a fan though that won’t dissuade the believers and some of the surgeries are for bunions and other things that disfigure the foot. So, if you’re thinking ‘ That looks like something I need’ do get the best advice available before going ahead with any surgery and make sure your doctor has the right accreditation for the procedure.

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