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Fast and healthy lunch alert! The super quick superfood bowls we’re all going crazy for

superquick superfood, the lunch we're all going crazy for

Lunch has had a makeover, and it’s fresh, healthy and keeps you going all day. The new Super Pots from BOL give you a hassle free hot meal in under 4 minutes. Full of protein, fibre and with less than 400 calories it’s almost too good to be true.

After frantically rummaging through the fridge desperately trying to find anything healthy, filling, and easy to make for lunch, I finally settled on the dregs of a bagged salad and an old can of tuna. It’s a struggle a lot of us face every morning, we need something quick and nutritious without any fuss.

Here’s where BOL steps in. Their new super pots come in two varieties; super roasted beetroot and super quinoa squash, and at less than 400 calories pack in two of your 5-a-day.

the superquick superfood we're all going crazy for

The super quinoa squash BOL contains butter beans, pumpkin seeds, kale and rosemary, and tastes so fresh you’d think it was just cooked in front of you. It could do with a little more seasoning but a sprinkle of salt and pepper is hardly a problem.

If you’re after something with more of a kick, the roasted beetroot pot, with vegetables, brown rice, pumpkin seeds and kale definitely has more flavour. The pot is also perfectly designed to retain heat. I had mine on my desk for over half an hour and it was still hot.

They are quite pricey, but for the convenience, taste, and how long they fill you up, it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase. I ALWAYS spend my afternoons mindlessly snacking but after this It didn’t even cross my mind. They are also suitable for vegetarians so it’s winner winner veggie dinner.

BOL Super Pots are available at Sainsbury’s, Ocado, and Tesco (from 1st June)

Price £3.00

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