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Fad Diet FAQ’s with Instagram PT Courtney Black

Fad Diet FAQ's with Instagram PT Courtney Black MAIN

FAD Diet FAQ’s with Instagram fitness sensation Courtney Black (@courtneydblack) plus her top tips on how to lose weight safely

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and wanting to challenge yourself for a healthier, stronger & happier version of yourself.

Eating a balanced diet of nutritious food, moving your body every day and staying hydrated are all the basic foundations.

skinny teas and juice detox’s, the old special K diet – are usually quick fix diets

Everyone is entitled to eat the diet they wish to, but there are some diets that become a bit of a ‘trend’ or ‘fad’ and more often than not lead to short term results that are unsustainable.

The likes of skinny teas and juice detox’s, the old special K diet – are usually quick fix diets. They aren’t healthy or follow a recommended balanced diet.

These diets almost always involve cutting calories extremely low or cutting out meals or carbs, to again decrease daily intake to a unsustainable deficit.

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Why are FAD diets so popular?

They are sold as quick fixes, a super quick and effective way to reach your desired goals, people buy in to that when we all have such busy lifestyles.

Often they are promising results such as, ‘lose a stone in 14 days’ or ‘drop a dress size in a week’. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Have you tried FAD diets yourself?

I have suffered in the past from disordered eating and there are many diet hacks and tips you come across when you’re in a bad place like that, but they aren’t healthy or good for you.

FAD Diets can lead to poor relationships with food

I try now to always promote the variety of foods I consume, the meals I cook regularly to inspire others that you do not need to go down these fad diet routes.

Are FAD diets dangerous?

They certainly can be dangerous yes. FAD Diets can lead to poor relationships with food, health implications if you are not consuming adequate calories and nutrients and many other side effects.

These diets are way too restrictive, create bad relationships with food and there is nothing better than a balanced diet which fad diets do not promote at all.

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Anything that can be learnt from a FAD diet?

I am sure many people take nothing away once the short term results pass, but for some it may raise awareness to their actual diet and consumption to assess changes they need or others may realise they feel better from a well-rounded balanced diet.

What should people who want to lose weight do instead?

Start aiming for small, achievable daily habits. That could be something like ensuring you go out for a 30 minute walk daily or it may be filling half your plate with veggies and having protein in every meal.

Consistency is key and you only need to eat a little better and move a little more to begin with. Weight loss comes from a being in a calorie deficit, which can be created by expending more (moving more) or consuming less (eating less) or a mixture of both, but the one key thing to remember is to do this on a maintainable and achievable level for your day to day life.

Consistency is key and you only need to eat a little better and move a little more to begin with

The Courtney black fitness app provides a super simple calculator that works out your personalised calories and macronutrients along with hundreds of tasty recipes – no meal replacements, no cutting out foods, just balance!

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