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EXPERT What should I be paying to see a good dermatologist?

What should I be paying to see a good dermatologist?  How can I find someone that specialises in what I need? Olli, 33, West London

Dr Stefanie Williams dermatologistDr Stefanie Williams, founder of, leading medical and cosmetic dermatologist answers

‘Prices vary greatly, depending on location, experience and various other factors. London is the most expensive area and you can pay anything up to £450 a session. In my clinic, a new patient consultation costs £250 (which I think is the most common price these days), a follow-up consultation costs £190.

Have a look at a dermatologist’s website to see what their special interest is, but most dermatologists see the whole range of medical skin conditions, adults and children. However, only few dermatologists also offer cosmetic dermatology ( call and check and during the consultation, you can ask to see before and afters of their work). Check that they are a member of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) as this is the UK’s largest accreditation body.

If looking for cosmetic treatments, be wary of any clinic of doctor offering free first consultations, as this often means that they won’t be completely objective, as they will have to ‘sell’ you some form of treatment. They’re tempting but I would recommend steering clear.’

skin bookDr Stefanie Williams is the author of Future Proof Your Skin: Slow down your biological clock by changing the way you eat.


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