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Katy perry and taylor swift feud FEATURE


Friendship therapy – Falling out with a friend

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are friends again. But what about real world friendships? Healthista psychotherapist Sally Brown provides a detailed, useful answer to a complex friendship problem


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The energy boosting supplement that could change the way you exercise

CoEnzyme Q10 can help your body produce more energy from its own biological systems, says Nutritional Director Rick Hay. Here's how


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How to get more protein in your diet

Are you getting enough protein? Ever wondered what is the most effective way on how to get more protein in your diet? Don’t let those hours of exercise get wasted. Nutritionist Rick Hay reveals all. Rick Hay is a big believer in plant based proteins when it comes to finessing your plate, but it doesn’t end there. To create […]

White brain on white background, 7 ways to boost your brain performance, by

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Brain training: 7 surprising hacks to boost your mind

What are the brain training keys that give your mind the power to keep going when it runs out of juice? Dr Jenny Brockis, author of Future Brain: The 12 Keys to Create Your High-Performance Brain has exactly you can do in order to unlock the full potential of your brain

Dr Sam Bunting, what to eat for great skin, by healthista

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What dermatologists eat for great skin

They advise people on great skin for a living, so what do THEY eat for glowing skin? Healthista asked five of Britain's leading skin doctors what it means to eat for inside out beauty

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‘I was a victim of cyber bullying’ says writer Vicky Hadley, plus an expert’s view of how to deal with trolls on the internet

Healthista writer, Vicky Hadley was recently exposed to cyber bullying after being featured in a newspaper article so she asked Healthista therapist Sally Brown how to cope