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Weight Loss

Day #2 Drink two litres of water daily

You’ve heard it a thousand times before. 1001 now. But a study last year reviewed 11 different research papers on the relationship between drinking water and weight loss and found it could help you drop pounds.

One of the studies reviewed found that those who drank more than one litre of water each day lost more weight than those who drank less. It could be that water fills your stomach and helps you lessen your caloric intake.

But water may also increase your calorie-burning capability, says Rebecca Muckelbauer of the Berlin School of Public Health in Germany who led the review. This is known as ‘water-induced thermogenesis.’ Thermogenesis simply means calorie burning.  Though not well studied, water-induced thermogenesis is the idea that drinking water boosts the amount of energy your body must expend and therefore burn.

During January, make a point to clock up two litres of water throughout the day, not including tea or coffee (if you;re drinking green or herbal tea, that does count). Here are some easy ways to get more water into your day:

1. Have a glass of water if you think you’re feeling hungry. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger.

2. Drink a glass of water or two before meals. In one of the studies reviewed above, women who drank two cups of water before a meal lost about four pounds more on average than those women who didn’t.

3. Opt for still, not sparkling. The latter contains extra salt and can also cause erosion to teeth.

4. Add fresh lime, strawberries or cucumber to a jug of plain water – they really do give the water a gorgeous flavour without any extra calories. Avoid flavoured waters like the plague – they’re full of sugar. Watch this exclusive Healthista video of sugar expert David Gillespie exposing the amounts of sugar in flavoured waters.


5. Keep bottles of water wherever you hangout. At your desk, by the sofa, in the car. I do this to remind me to drink water when I am thinking of snacking (like when I am watching telly or working on a tough deadline…).

6. Eat water rich foods too.  Virtually all fruits and vegetables especially lettuce greens, carrots, blueberries, apples, cucumber and celery contain water that can be absorbed by the body.

WE LOVE: New Bobble Bottle, £12

Splashing water --- Image by © Sprint/Corbis

Let’s talk about our new obsession. Bobble Bottles are bright and colourful and have a built in a replaceable carbon filter attached to the mouthpiece to keep you drinking clean water with every sip without shelling out for bottle water everywhere you go. These bottles rang with shades (our favourite is of course the Healthista Magenta) and prices depended on the size you prefer, from £10-20. Buy one for yourself, for your little one, or even a jug to keep in the fridge. Also available at Harvey Nichols.

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