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Day #18 Put the fork down

So easy, so effective. For day 18 of our January small change big difference Tweak Diet we’re finding a way to eat slower. If you’ve just joined us, scroll down for more 

If I had a pound for every time I had heard the advice: ‘Put your fork down between bites’ I would be one rich mama.

roast vegetables and fork


But in my own unscientific aberrations, skinny people do eat quite slowly and some fat people eat fast. I know I eat too fast. So, having heard this a million times – and wondering yesterday about what might be today’s tweak – I tested it.

Kevin (the husband) and I were taking a drive to the seaside and we stopped for a pub lunch. I had had a small breakfast and was hungry so I ordered something I have never ordered before, the sausage and mash. There was an Everest-worthy mount of mash, rivers of gravy and three sausages so I thought I would test the old put the fork down theory for myself. It was quite hard actually and made me realise how much I inhale my food normally.

Putting the food down forced me to really chew each mouthful and also to look up, breathe and also focus on the conversation instead of just stuffing myself.

Well, as a long time plate cleaner, I couldn’t believe the result. I was actually full after two sausages and half the mash and left the rest. Not a little full and holding back mind you but proper, serious fullness. A positively life-changeing result for me. Let me know if you have a similar experience…


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JUST JOINED THE HEALTHISTA JANUARY TWEAK DIET? here are some guidelines to get you started

What is the Tweak diet? Designed for anyone who doesn’t want to go on a big starv-y diet during January, we deliver you one new small change to make to your diet or lifestyle on each day in January. You continue each change throughout the month and come February, be on your way to weight loss and new healthy habits you can keep all year. You in?

1. Start anytime. Some of you will be starting on January 1st, but that’s not compulsory. If you’re joining us after January 1st, simply go back to Day 1 and start from there.

2. Continue with each of your small changes throughout the month and come end January, you will have built up a heap of new healthy habits and will be well on your way to losing weight and feeling better.

3. If you fall off the wagon just get back on asap If you don’t manage to keep up all your small changes every day, don’t worry. Just get back on the next day or even better, at the next meal.

4. Measure once at the start and once at the end. That’s all Take your waist, hip and bust measurements at the start and end of your tweak-a-thin journey.

5. Send us selfies of your tweak-a-thin journey Post them to Healthistaon TwitterFacebook and in the comments below. At the end of January we’ll publish them and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a Healthista exclusive pamper hamper handpicked by yours truly.

6. Do what you can Obviously you don’t have to do every single tweak we suggest. Even just one will make a difference as we’ve handpicked each change to be small but powerful.  The more you do though, the better your results.


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