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LELO HEX: The new condom that claims to never break or reduce pleasure

LELO, the thinking woman’s vibrator company last night revealed the latest thing in condom technology introducing their new HEX condom 

The HEX condom is the first condom innovation in almost 70 years, not by changing the material itself but by modifying the structure of the product. Each LELO HEX condom has 350 hexagons on the inside of its latex surface which sets the product apart from any of today’s typical latex condoms.

(Via @Lelo_Official)
The hexagonal design (Via @Lelo_Official)

After seven years of research and testing, LELO created a design that combines the .55mm internal web of hexagons with .45mm latex panels which together create a sensation of strength and thinness. The hexagonal pattern also allows the condom to accommodate any user, as it does not lose its shape no matter how much pressure is asserted. All of this together results in a higher level of intimacy as well as comfort.

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"Scary Movie V" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Charlie Sheen is the spokesperson for
LELO HEX condoms

Charlie Sheen, the highest paid television star, was chosen as the spokesperson for the LELO HEX because of the interest that sparked from his announcement that he was HIV positive last November, which resulted in related search increases by 70-400 per cent. LELO believes Sheen’s participation will be a symbol of strength and change and help to inspire safe sex worldwide.

“Trust me; this thing works. It feels awesome,” Sheen said.

The HEX condom is actually so strong that you can poke a hole in the material with a pin up to 20 times and although it will make a puncture, it will not rip like other condoms do, making it safer to use and more efficient in preventing against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

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“Our dream is to create the condom that people would want to wear, not have to wear,” LELO founder Filip Sedic said at the launch event.

LELO pulled out all the stops for the condom’s launch party, enhancing guest experience with a DJ, experts to demonstrate the product, a latex dance and even a condom shaped ice sculpture.

Healthista interns enjoying the launch party
Healthista interns enjoying the launch party (via LeloHex Facebook page)

Television doctor, Dr. Christian Jessen was also in attendance and gave a speech at the launch, thanking Charlie Sheen for using his own experiences to raise awareness.

Smiling at condom, Condom Revamp- LELO HEX, by

“I hate what you’ve had to go through but I love what you’ve managed to achieve because of it,” Jessen said to Sheen. “I’m quite sure that your involvement with this new HEX condom will make sure that focus will continue.”

LELO HEX condoms will be available globally on September 1st and will be more expensive than generic condoms.

If you’re dying to try out this new condom technology and can’t wait until September, they are available for preorder from June 13th until August 12th for 40 per cent off the retail price on



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