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INCH LOSS The fat-melting belt that helped Coleen Rooney lose her baby weight

After giving birth to gorgeous son Klay five months ago, Coleen Rooney was back in shape in no time at all. What did she put it down to? Technoshape, apparently


The mother-of-two is using Technoshape – a fat-melting stomach belt you wear while you’re running on a treadmill or stationary bike – to rid her post baby stomach. She’s in the middle of a course of 12 sessions using the machine, dubbed a ‘non-surgical tummy tuck’, after it was recommended to her by her personal trainer, Elise Lindsay.

With growing popularity in the celebrity fitness world (Simon Cowell, Sinitta, Lisa Snowdon and Millie Mackintosh are all fans), the Technoshape is a standing compressor hooked up to a belt which you wear whilst carrying out gentle exercise such as walking or cycling. It’s suitable for both men and women of all sizes, and only requires the user to strap on and read the instructions on the screen – or so the press release says.

Coleen- TechnoShape- Coleen Twitter- 16th Sep

Technoshape say that it’s all down to Pressure Pause Therapy (PPT). Their website reveals that ‘During PPT, pressure application stimulates blood circulation around the midriff, whilst the pause – a periodic release of pressure – allows a healthy flow of blood to the targeted area’. This, they say, will ensure that the rate at which local fatty acids are metabolised in this region will be accelerated.

Coleen Rooney- Technoshape- Twitter- 4th October

Tummy fat is not only the most dangerous type of fat to be carrying, but it’s annoying the most difficult to lose too (big thanks to whatever genius decided on that!). As well as promising to give you a toned and defined stomach, the Technoshape also apparently supports the natural movement of the digestive system and can boost the lymphatic and venous flow.

Usually you’d judge the effectiveness of a product like this by looking at a large scale trial, but Technoshape has not done this just yet. However, they did directed us to some of their individual case studies : Rowaida, a user writing on their website, was happily surprised that after 12 sessions she lost a total of 17.7cm from around her middle.

Like Coleen, another used Technoshape after having a baby, and she dropped two dress sizes down to her original size 8 in just a few weeks. Coleen herself is still in the process of using the device, and has therefore not had her final measurement taken. Technoshape hope to have this in the next few weeks.

Find out more on the Technoshape website. The Technoshape is in residence at gym chains like Lomax, and you can buy 12 sessions for around £540. Or of course, if you have a spare £20K, you can have your own at home.

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