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We know, getting a duvet set or food processor equals a seriously unsexy present BUT we have found the most covetable gadgets and must-haves for the healthy home. Trust us, any healthista home will want these


‘I Could Eat A Horse- Spaghetti Measuring Tool, £7.99

Spaghetti Measurer

For all you pasta lovers who are unsure as to how much to make for one, two or even six people… We’ve found the answer to your pasta measuring questions. It’s simple really, just slide the pasta through the hole in which you think fits the amount of people you’re feeding (including a horse or very hungry person).

Joseph Joseph Catcher, £9

Joseph Joseph Catcher

That thing where you try and be healthy by having hot water and lemon in the morning but the pips get in the drink is perhaps a middle class problem. But still a problem. We have a revolution among us. There is a citrus seed catcher in our midst and we’ve just only heard about this in our last trip to Selfridges.  Behold the coolest invention and most useful tool that needs to be in every kitchen, The Joseph Joseph Catcher (no that’s not a typo). If you still have doubts on how it works exactly here’s a lowdown: you cut the citrus fruit in half, bring it up to the wringer, wring it and watch as the seeds don’t fall into your meal.

Karoto Sharpener and Peeler, £9.99

Karoto Sharpener & Peeler

Want to get the kids involved in cooking? This quirky gadget is absolutely perfect. Have a laugh with your little ones by peeling (and sharpening!) your carrots along side their pencils. Quick, easy, and great fun. Just don’t get too carried away, or you’ll be left with just the shavings…

Bobble Bottle, £12

Splashing water --- Image by © Sprint/Corbis

Let’s talk about our new obsession. It’s true, you CAN have an obsession over water bottles. Bobble Bottles are bright and colourful and have a built in a replaceable carbon filter attached to the mouthpiece to keep you drinking clean water with every sip. These bottles rang with shades (our favourite is of course the Magenta) and prices depended on the size you prefer, from £10-20. Buy one for yourself, for your little one, or even a jug to keep in the fridge. Also available at Harvey Nichols.

Wahaca Pestle and Mortar, £18.50

Wahaca Pestle and Mortar

Bring the flavours of Mexico into your home with Wahaca. Get yourself a Wahaca Pestle & Mortar this Christmas and make punching garlic a stylish act. Yes it seems as though we’ve even found a way to make that stylish. Not only is this Wahaca made of granite but it also comes with peppercorns, cumin seeds and Mexican oregano to help make your meals with the perfect spices. Available at Boots.


Chili Grinder, £23

Chilli Grinder

Feeling spicy? How nice would it be to have a stylish chili grinder already filled with dried delicious chilies in your cupboard?  Just one twist could spice up a whole meal to give it an extra kick. So stylish, it would even make a great centrepiece. We love the price too.

‘My Kitchen Is For Dancing’ Apron, £24.50

My Kitchen Is For Dancing

Have you been following Strictly Come Dancing and Jo Willacy’s fantastic blog? Now you can, like Jo, wear a ‘My Kitchen Is For Dancing‘ apron. Cha-cha, tango, foxtrot – whatever your moves, have a go in the comfort of your own home. It’s funny, cute and clever because we all know your kitchen is a dance party with or without music. Who needs sequins, eh?

Raw Chocolate Making Kit, £24.99

Master Kit_New_High Res

Stop buying and start making your own chocolate from scratch. Create delicious desserts with your very own Raw Chocolate Making Kit by Chock Chick. This specialized kit gives you the opportunity to make over 80 truffles. Use this time to make them homemade with your favourite fruits and flavours. It’s a great way to make personalized gifts as well. It includes a recipe booklet, organic raw cacao butter, organic raw cacao powder, sweet freedom low-GI sweetener and four gift bags and stickers. They have kits specifically for adults and kids. Buy yours at Wholefoods, or on the Chock Chick site here.


UNDER £100

NutriBullet, £99.95


We believe the name explains all, does it not? Enough of putting your juicers through all levels of hell, knowing they can’t hack through all the raw fruits and veggies you’re giving them.  This blends anything from the hardest raw beetroot and other whole vegetables to all fruits into the smoothest drink. Also, it geniusly comes with leak-proof mugs so you can bring your creations to work to work with you.


Vitamix Blender, £469.99

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We know what you’re thinking, who the bayjaysus would pay almost £500 for a blender. Well here’s the thing. We get A LOT of press loans and freebies here at Healthista Towers but recently our editor Anna Magee went and bought one of these for herself from Selfridges at full price as her Chrissy present to herself. So was it worth it? Was it ever. Anna’s become a total Vitamix bore around the office and now if she mentions its name, most of us suddenly get the urge to leave the office and check the post room.

She says: ‘I first got hit with blender envy when we shot some smoothie videos with nutritionist Ali Godbold who has a red one in her kitchen. She said it was worth the money and then some. But I resisted until I went on a spa trip and during lunch asked how they made the soup. Well, they had put the ingredients in the Vitamix not only raw but WHOLE, set it onto the ‘hot soups’ option and then in five minutes the blender had blended it to a creamy deliciousness and heated it through. Honestly, it’s the best money I have ever spent on my health.’

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