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How THEY do it…6 celebrity diets

Sure everyone knows when you walk through the portal of fame you instantly turn beautiful and the body perks come with… kind of like the vampires in Twilight yeah? Wrong. It’s true, celebs are weight watchers like the rest of us. Here’s an inside of what some of our favourites have been through while losing those stones.

Carrie Underwood
The American Idol winner stays clear of all red-blooded food. Underwood has maintained a ‘practical’ vegan lifestyle for nearly a decade and has no intensions on turning back.  Although she sticks to her diet pretty strictly she says she won’t send back food if it has a sprinkle of cheese. What’s her secret for perfect skin to go along with that rockin’ body you ask? She uses coconut butter, to eat and to rub all over her body and massages it into her silk blonde hair. No wonder she always looks radiant. Can I have ten bottles please? We love Know-It-Oil 100 per cent coconut oil, find out more here.

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Katy Perry
One thing everyone can agree on with Katy is that her body is hot. Healthy and curvy. Katy thanks her celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s 5 Factor Diet for keeping her physique in check. With five easy to prep meals this star doesn’t worry about getting all her key ingredients in as they are already in the meals. For five weeks you eat five meals a day prepped with five key ingredients, for all you OCDs this may be the one for you. Be sure to check out Pasternak’s newest work of genius in his new book The Body Reset Diet. It’s all about losing weight by eating more and exercising less. For all you beauties trying to shed those pounds fast, Pasternak’s book will help you do it in just 15 days. Find his book here.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Mariah Carey
After losing the double baby baby-weight MC still abides by the wonders Jenny Craig has done with her body. Although you won’t be seeing her in the upcoming ads for Jenny Craig (due to the company taking a turn away from celebs) she still takes in the delicious meals the program offers. She does like to cook every so often (like the program asks) and she does aquatic workouts four or five times a week. Why don’t you take a chance at aquatic work-outs with the new aqua-spin workout? Read Healthista’s review here. Oh and even with a dislocated shoulder, MiMi can still rock the red carpet.

"The Butler" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Victoria Beckham
Reportedly gained 30 pounds while pregnant with her last baby, Harper. She claims she tried the Five Hands Diet which allowed the hot mum only five handfuls of food per day. We want a burger and chips just thinking about it. This diet specifically works by enhancing the metabolic rate by enabling your body to control the creation of insulin and done by eating fruits and veggies with high nutritional vitamins, a low calorie diet and an exact nutrition plan.

Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 - Arrivals

Dita Von Teese
From Los Angeles to Paris, this designer and burlesque royalty doesn’t usually have much time to make her own meals. But when she does, she snags Kimberly Snyder’s book The Beauty Detox and finds recipes to take advantage of – Snyder’s a huge fan of green smoothies, raw salads, avocado and well, more avocado and her programme is designed to shed pounds while beautifying skin and contains some brilliant and simple healthy recipes. Dita has said she loves the lime-basil salad dressing… our mouths are watering just by the name. Find your fav recipes in the book here.

41st Annual FiFi Awards - Arrivals

Hayden Panettiere
Throws dieting out her window? The Nashville star, one of Hollywood’s finest, is tweeting and posting photos on Instagram of foods and snacks we like to sneak in a little too late at night… it’s refreshing to see a celeb do that every once in awhile, right?

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.49.39 PM

However, she certainly has to work for her body. Unlike many celebs, she’s said going veggie didn’t work well for her at all. In fact, it lowered her energy and she stands firm on never being full with just a salad (phew don’t we feel better now?). Instead, she cuts out some fats and has regular protein hits (tofu’s a favourite source) throughout the day to feed her muscles plus healthy carbohydrates – vegetables, fruit and grains – for  energy.  She also loves snacking on smoothies made with whey protein, banana and almond milk. A big fan of Bikram Yoga, strength training, swimming and Pilates, newly engaged Panettiere doesn’t mind cheating every once in a while like the rest of us. Chip anyone?

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

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