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Menopause symptoms made me think I had dementia FEATURED

Real Life

‘Menopause symptoms made me think I had dementia’

Healthista spoke to 56 year old sue, who said she mistook her menopause symptoms for dementia. Here's what she had to say

stoma bag featured

Real Life

It’s time to tackle the stoma bag ‘poo taboo’

It's time to tackle the stoma bag ‘poo taboo’ – here’s how a new brand has launched an innovative range of ostomy products to help reduce the stigma 

'I had a stoke aged 23' FEATURE

Real Life

‘I had a stroke aged 23’

For Stroke Prevention Day, Healthista spoke to Stacey Hutton who suffered a stroke aged just 23. We hear her shocking story as well as her plea to call 999 as soon as you suspect a stroke 

Young LDN - 'the skincare clinic that helped to clear my acne' FEATURED

Real Life

‘The skincare clinic that helped clear my cystic acne’

Battling cystic acne since she was a teen, Greta Dilyte, 27, tells Healthista her journey to clearing her acne-prone skin with Young LDN skincare clinic

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‘What being abused as a child taught me about raising my son’

Pam Rowe shares her experiences of being abused as a child and how it taught her to be a better mother to her son - from her memoir Clear Water

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Real Life

Too intimidated to go to the gym? You aren’t alone – the rise of #metoo in the gym

Oggling, octopus hands-on trainers, glares, grunting - it's no wonder women feel intimidated in the gym. 'Gymtimidation' has led to women steeriing clear of gyms altogether, new research shows - this is why #metoo in the gym is real