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New sadistic talking app shames you into losing weight

Latest sadistic iOS app Carrot Fit is a talking weight tracker that promises to ridicule you into losing weight

They say a harsh word helps at times but latest smartphone app could be taking it a bit far.  From developer Brian Mueller, it allows users to input their weight before being judged by the Carrot Fit. The bullying app monitors your BMI and keeps you up to date with your progress, encouraging you when you lose weight, and motivating you with statements like ‘Get your flabby body moving, meatbag!’ when you don’t.

Your weight loss is then tracked on a graph which users can share with friends, with the app letting you know the difference between each weigh in. Users can also let Carrot know their goal weight and set reminders for their next weigh in.

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The app threatens to ‘do whatever it takes – including threatening, inspiring, ridiculing and bribing you’ to lose weight, with its only aim being ‘to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race’.

Oh look, it's the judgemental weight tracker
Oh look, it’s the judgemental weight tracker

Muller has developed similar things in the past, and insists the intention of Carrot Fit is to  make weight loss fun. The app costs £1.49 and future features such as ‘Deathmarch 5K’ are set to be added in time. If nothing else, some of their lines will make you laugh.

Buy the Carrot Fit Weight Tracker from the app store now.


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