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Drop the donut: Brits are most unhealthy snackers in Europe

Brits are in bad shape when it comes to between-meal munching, a new study has found. 4,000 people in 10 European countries were surveyed to find out what they nosh on and why

41 per cent of Brits admitted to regularly snacking on the 4 C’s: crisps, cookies, cake, and chocolate. That’s more than any other country surveyed. Only 15 per cent said they reached for healthy fixes such as fresh fruit, raw vegetables yoghurt. That’s far behind the second-in-line country, Greece, which reported 25 per cent. We’re also pretty sneaky: one in ten people in the UK said they regularly snacked in secret.

Potato chips on a white background.

For 41 per cent of people surveyed in the UK, their main reason for snacking was boredom. Next most common was simply craving an unhealthy something-something (31%), needing an energy boost (25%) and stress (20%.)

Fruyo, who conducted the study on created an ‘unhealthy league table’ based on the averages of people who said they regularly snack on the 4 Cs. Here’s the list:

  1. UK (41%)
  2. Poland (40%)
  3. France (40%)
  4. Germany (38%)
  5. Italy (36%)
Greece (36%)
  7. Holland (35%)
  8. Belgium (34%)
  9. Spain (22%)
  10. Sweden (22%)

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What are your favorite healthy snacks? Do share!

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