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Brave breast cancer survivor loses 100+ friends on Facebook after posting topless post-surgery photos

Brave breast cancer survivor Beth Whaanga from Queensland, Australia, was unfriended on Facebook by over 100 people after she uploaded a photo of herself topless to show the world what cancer had done to her body.

Posting on her Facebook page, she said ‘the aim of the photo shoot was to make women and men aware’ and, following the backlash, how she felt sad that people had ‘missed the point’.

Brave Beth bares all to show what cancer has done to her beautiful body. Photo: Nadia Masot
Brave Beth bares all to show what cancer has done to her body. Photo: Nadia Masot

Coming to her defence, Whaanga’s sister Emma posted a beautiful picture of Beth annotated with a series of scrawled notes on how cancer had affected various areas of her body. Accompanied with a touching message about what Beth had been through, Emma condemned those who unfriended her and encouraged others to share the photo to show their support.

Here at Healthista we think Beth is an absolute inspiration who should be celebrated for her bravery and spirit. In spite of her ordeal, she still managed to take to Facebook with messages of support for those still fighting and remains determined to spread awareness of the importance of early detection to prevent other people from suffering a similar fate.

We a love a woman who is proud of her body and admire Beth’s bravery in wanting to share hers with the world.

Show your support by visiting Beth’s Facebook page

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